Hi, I'm new to the BV thread, and need opinions!

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  1. Hi, I usually hang around the Bal thread, but I figured I'm gonna expand my range of bag brands to be carried!! Thus, I need you BV experts help on something!!
    I've actually been eye-ing the large cabat bag for quite some time now. I like the way it looks, and feels. But I would like to know more about anyone with experiences of the cabat, like its pros and cons?
    Suggestions and opinions are very much welcomed!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome to the BV forum! I don't have a Cabat so I can't give you any help but welcome, anyway!
  3. welcome!

    are you anywhere near a BV? it really should be tried on. if you do a search you will see lots of commentary on the cabat. there are some like goatskin vs. normal nappa that are heavier - which makes a difference for a bag like the large cabat.

    hopefully castorny and uclaboi will weigh in. uclaboi's fantastic collection is posted in the showcase your bags thread.
  4. thanks for the welcome jelts and doloresmia!!
    I've actually tried it out at my local boutique and find it rather nice.
    I do not think it is heavy at all. But I would like to know the experiences of cabat owners have with their bags.
  5. Cabat is beautiful! What color are you interested in?

    And BTW, welcome!!!
  6. Welcome!:welcome2: You probably already know that BV and Bal are owned by the same company. Lovely quality and colors.

    The Cabat is my dream bag, but several people here have at least one so they should be chiming in with their experiences. castorny and uclaboi
    have extensive BV knowledge , especially of the higher end bags, so I'm hoping they will offer their expertise.
  7. I'm no BV expert. All I can say is that the Cabat is a great bag!:tup: :welcome2: to BV Forum, balenciaga-boy.
  8. Boxermom, I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday here ;)

    Cabat is nice.:graucho:
  9. the cabat is a great bag. for me the medium nappa makes a perfect every day bag. i have even used it as a carry on for a trip.
    i have a large in vachette and find it very heavy even empty. it is also a lot of bag when trying to get stuff in and out. it is very beautiful and dramatic and the nappa would be lighter.
    you also have to remember i'm 5'4". the proportion of the medium is fine for me.
    it is very individual. others don't seem to find the weight a problem and it also depends on how you would be using it. i use my large when i will be in and out of the car a lot. if i'm going to the city it is my medium nappa.
    hth and good luck.
  10. Welcome to BV subforum.

    The Cabat is made in different leathers and will have different weight and slouchy-ness. Vachette and Tea Rame and patent leather will be the heaviest and most structured. Nappa will be the lightest and most slouchy and soft. Large size will be perfect for a guy. I have thought about the Medium before, but always I end up finding it too small looking when I try it on. The Cabat is probably one of the most iconic BV bags. It's a piece of art but useful at the same time. Just pick the color and material you like. You can PM me if you have more specific questions.

    Let us know which one you decide on.
  11. I think the Large Matita Vachette for Fall/Winter '09 that was featured on the Men's runway will be absolutely fantastic. Matita means graphite and is a smooth calfskin with mica embedded in the skin, which gives a beautiful iridescent sparkle.

    There are many options from past seasons still available at BV. Go take a look and do let us know what you think!
  12. ^castorny-
    couple days ago i went to bv to see the matita cabat.
    the color is lighter irl and the iridescent effect is quite nice
  13. Whoa! I just learned something!

    Welcome Balenciaga-boy!
  14. I think you should go for it if you love it! I have owned my large cabat for over a year now and use it pretty extensively. I've brought it on planes, stuffed it under subway seats, and use it almost daily. The only wear that I can observe is the rubbing of handles...My calf cabat is slouchy but definitely has more structure and weight than the regular nappa cabat. I only own a few important bags, but I feel that you don't really need another bag with the cabat. I will always have the classic nappa cabat on the back of my mind, but I am waiting for another order to come in so maybe I'll postponed that until later...
  15. thank you all for the warm welcome!!
    I have actually looked and tested out the Nappa leather cabat, and I like it!!
    For me, whenever I take big bags, I'd prefer them to be soft and slouchy so that they could be stored away (eg. under the seat) with no hassle!
    The large size will definitely be the only cabat size that I will take.

    Castorny, I have actually seen an ostrich large cabat in my local BV store, and I'd have to say its stunning.

    foxie-pooh and uclaboi, if you don't mind me asking, how do you guys manage with the huge open top of the cabat?