Hi I'm new to posting here - and a question...

  1. I discovered this board via a web search for Coach bags and have been lurking for a while now. I love all of the "insider information" here! I've been collecting Coachs! for years - at some point I'll take some photos to post. Now, for my question - I'm finally going to be going to an outlet (planning my anniversary weekend around a visit to the Coach outlet in Atlantic City, NJ! - then on to Cape May). I need new leather gloves - do they normally have gloves at the outlet, or should I just go to my usual store? I did not get a PCE invite although I've bought at least $600 worth of stuff from my store over the summer - I'm kinda pissed at them, so thats why I'd rather get my gloves at the outlet!! Thanks for reading and for any advice.
  2. Welcome!!!

    I have never seen any gloves at the outlets here, but I guess its worth a try. Different outlets have different items.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Maybe I'll have to suck it up and go there this week - maybe I'll just ask about the discount. I hate to ask for things that I wasnt given in the first place! and now that I think about it I spent well over $1000 this summer alone, not to mention $$$ in the year previous to that time, and every other year too!. Hmm I wonder why I never even heard of this PCE before I discovered this board.
  4. Hi Donnalynn! Welcome here! :smile:

    I haven't been to the AC Oulet in a few weeks so I am not sure what they have out now- but I do remember seeing gloves there previously... but "during the season" though.

    They may have some gloves, scarves and hats there at this time, but I am not sure. You could call them...
  5. I bought some beautiful leather gloves at my Coach outlet in January. They may not have this year's gloves in yet. If you can wait a couple months, I'm sure you could find them there. The glove I bought were marked down to about $50.
  6. Thanks 8girl and bag-mania! This is so much fun getting such fast answers!!! The AC outlet is like 3 hours away - I never even knew NJ had a Coach outlet until I checked Outlet Bound. I'll probably go to the Freehold, NJ boutique Friday and see what happens. I'm still going to the outlet for my anniversary though!!!
  7. This is a great forum - eveyone here is so nice and always willing to help. :yes:

    Have a Happy Anniversary and Enjoy!!
  8. Hi Donnalynn! Welcome to the board!

    I'd start calling the boards about a week before going, so you can see if they have them. The outlets are great, but it's hit or miss. If I know I'm going I call to see what they have and if it's in stock.

    They will hold items for 48 hours for you, or if they have what you want, you can do a "Charge Hold" and give them your CC, then they'll hold for up to two weeks! I've done this and it works great! I've been able to get items and pick them up on the weekends.

    Good luck finding those gloves! If you get them at the store, I'd hit the outlets anyway and see what they have.
  9. firstly, welcome

    secondly, have a happy anniversary...

    the outlet store in AC is awesome....but unfortunately its not a signature outlet..but a lot of leather stuff...

    like yvalenz said, i would call in advance to see if they have any gloves and in what styles...

    and as for the discount, try to call a couple of Coach stores in the area (Menlo Park, Freehold, Woodbridge, Short Hills, etc.) and see if u can get the discount over the phone...tell them [u have a card but :sneaky:] you cant make it out to the store...it doesnt hurt to try...

    and lastly, please tell us what kind of stuff they have at the AC outlet when you get back...(vicarious shopping :tup:)
  10. I would call the outlet store your headed to a call before you go. To see if they have any. I love going to the outlet stores, In fact I have only been to outlet/factory stores at this point, I'm getting excited about going to the regular coach store soon..
    Good luck and happy hunting
  11. I have seen men and women gloves in our outlet. The leather is divine!!!
  12. Welcome! I will caution you at this point, TpF is extremely addictive and you may find yourself spending much more money on Coach when you regularly come to this forum. Oh, and you WILL come to this forum all the time, it is addictive. So as I was saying, WELCOME! :dothewave:
  13. I'm surprised that you never received a PCE card. Do you give your name and information everytime you make a purchase? That is how they track you.
  14. I would call the outlets and ask. Welcome to TPF!
  15. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!!! and yes, I have to admit, I had no problem spending at Coach prior to finding this board, but since I've been reading I've bought several scarves (I dont even wear scarves!! But I've decided to put one on each of my purses now as my "signature" thing), several charms, etc, that I hardly even noticed while shopping for my purses before! So thanks alot, guys!:graucho: