Hi, i'm new to Fendi. Opinions please . .

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  1. Hi, I am to fendi, previously owned Chanel and Mulberry.
    I really really want a fendi twins bag.
    In grey.
    What are you opinions on the bag?
    Do all of the twins come with an extra shoulder strap as the one i have seen does not.
    Do you have any pictures of celebs wearing it?
    Thanks so much
  2. i say go for it!!! if you can get an exotic skin that would look GREAT!:heart:
  3. pics, just look up the olse twins .. the bag was named after them
  4. some of the new ones that were are at original retail in stores now have the strap

    the ones that came out last year did not have a strap

    the price is a little different also $1630 last year and now $1800+ for the new ones.

    i know the red one on eluxury has a strap and I think the navy one on BG.com or Neimans