Hi - I'm new to Chanel and have some questions

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  1. Hey all! I just bought a new pair of Chanel eyeglasses and am starting to become more interested in the brand. I was looking online and I really like this style of wallet - I'm looking for more of a checkbook style of wallet (without the checkbook) - I attached a picture. Can I get some information on how much the cost is? Thank you!

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  2. I think those are around $600 and up depending on what you get. The long reissue wallet was $950 a few months ago.
  3. Yes I like the long wallet the best - I am going to Chicago for the tPF meet on May 3rd so I might have to take a look! There isn't a Chanel boutique near me that carries accessories or bags. Thanks! :smile:
  4. my mom just got the long flap wallet a couple weeks ago. it's lambskin and two-toned...black lambskin on the outside and the interior is brown.
    she paid $795 @ bloomingdale's.