Hi, I'm new. These are my bags.

  1. The white hobo and the satchel were both outlet purchases. They were definitely amazing deals. The white hobo was mostly an accident because I ordered the Chelsea vintage leather hobo in mineral from a Coach store and got it shipped to my house and when it arrived, it was the wrong color! :crybaby: I was so sad. So we drove the the outlet and traded that bag for the white hobo, it's wallet, the signature print keychain, and the scarf -- all for the same price! :yes:

    Anyways, I'm Alicia. I'm from Erie, PA. These are my Coach bags.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. More pictures
    7.jpg 9.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg 10.jpg
  3. Welcome to tPF!! Very cute collection!!
  4. Welcome Alicia! Great bags! Love your satchel! :graucho:
  5. Welcome to the purse forum. That satchel looks fabulous on you! Great collection!
  6. Thanks for all the positive about the satchel. It was an impulse buy! But now I'm starting to really, really love it.
  7. Love them! :tup: Welcome to TPF... hold on to your wallet! :graucho: You will love it here!!!
  8. Great collection!
  9. Very nice!!!

  10. awesome collection.
  11. hi alicia, welcome! i love your satchel, you've got a great collection!
  12. Absolutely wonderful collection!

    Welcome to tPF! Have a great time!!
  13. Your collection is so adorable! Welcome :smile:
  14. I love your Scribble...that was my very first Coach purchase!! Welcome to tPF!
  15. Welcome to the purse forum! You are going to love it here, but it's going to take a lot of money out of your wallet! hehe You have such a cute collection, love your bags!