Hi, I'm new! Need help: Manhattan GM or Black MC Speedy?

  1. Hello everyone! I just joined this wonderful forum and am really enjoying it! I love how LV addicts from all over the world are able to get together on this site and share comments, opinions, feelings and experience...Great! :yes:

    Just need some more opinions from you: I bought a Manhattan GM 2.5 weeks ago and absolutely love it! But now I'm wondering whether I should exchange it for a black MC Speedy coz I adore the MC line (I still have 1.5 weeks to exchange). I already have a black MC Alma and a white MC Speedy, the latter which I love but don't see myself carrying more than a few times a year coz it screams out loud. The thing with the Manhattan is that with time, when the patina slowly develops, it might not look as pretty anymore as it does now (but luckily it has a lot of shiny hardware in front). My black MC Alma, after 2.5 years of constant usage, still looks stunning and the patina is not even that dark yet...So I'm wondering whether I should get the black MC Speedy coz I really like black multicolors....Just one more thing: I'm expecting a baby boy in 2 months, so I probably need lots of space which the Manhattan offers (plus can be carried on the shoulder) but Speedy doesn't really....:shrugs:

    Thank you so much for your help, I welcome any comments at all! I hope my first post isn't too long...Hehe..
  2. I'd say stick with the Manhattan GM!! Super Roomy and Super Gorgeous!!!

    Especially since you already have 2 bags from the MC line!

    Although I wonder whether you're asking because you have second thoughts on the bag? Hope not! But if you do.. my advice is always to go with your gut feeling about which bag you love more! :yes:
  3. I say Manhattan all the way!!!!!!!!! plus if you have so many MCs diversify your collection a bit...
  4. If you have a black alma and white speedy i wouldnt waste my money.:confused1: I'd keep the Man Gm so that you have something different and as you say can carry it on your shoulder.:yes:
  5. you already have Mcs so stick with what u bought
  6. keep the manhattan it's gorgeous
  7. plus manhattan is not as common as the speedy (it also has a lot of fakes around)
  8. Thanx a lot for all of your input! Yeah, I might as well just stick to my purchase...I was looking at my bags side by side and you're right, I think another MC piece would be dead boring, whereas now I have the variety.. Actually, my second thoughts just popped up spontaneously, I didn't have them before, so I guess it's just a quick lil' 'fling' in my mind :graucho: ....
  9. manhattan GM!!! you already have several bags from the MC line......
  10. I vote for manhattan GM!
  11. Manhattan!! And congrats!!
  12. My vote goes for the Manhattan.
  13. I vote for the Manhattan!
  14. Hi there! Welcome to tPF!:flowers: Keep the Manhattan GM!!! You already have an Alma and a Speedy from MC line! Manhattan GM is one of the best looking mono bags out right now!!!:love:
  15. ^^ ITA! The Manhattan GM is magnificent! And, perhaps more practical to carry once your baby arrives.

    Congratulations and welcome!!