Hi I'm new + my small collection

  1. I'm new to tPF and my bag obsession only started last year when I saw and conquered Gucci's white boston anniversary bag :yahoo: After that I fell in love with lv's classic but youthful designs and as a result I have collected a small family of three :heart: I have the pomme lexington as well but have yet to include that in a photo. Pomme vernis is my fave and I have my eye on the bedford and cles :drool: And thanks to tPF I really want the lvoe phone charm too - curse you forum! lol
    miss_fleur lv bags.jpg
  2. WElcome!
  3. welcome to tpf! i love your stuff. i am loving pomme vernis, too.
  4. hi and welcome! thanks for sharing your collection. :biggrin:
  5. welcome! :yahoo: I love ur perle roxbury!
  6. very nice collection! welcome!!!
  7. Thanks! The perle roxbury makes a look really elegant and is so versatile it works well with dark and light colour outfits :heart:
  8. Welcome! Love your collection.
  9. welcome miss_fleur! love your small but pretty family :smile:
  10. welcome and lovely collection you have there!
  11. Wonderful collection and welcome!
  12. nice bags and welcome to the Louis Vuitton Sub Forum:flowers:
  13. Hi and Welcome :p

    I love your collection, especially the Roxbury Drive which is on my list lol.
    and im from melbourne too :nuts:
  14. beautiful!! thanks for posting! :yahoo:
  15. welcomE! and your vernis perle roxbury is really stunninggggggg!!!:love: