Hi, I'm new - My First Coach Bag...

  1. Hey everyone!

    Im new to the forum....and have been lurking around for the past few days. Theres so many bags I now want/need because of this place :shame:

    Anyways, I just bought the Coach Carly in the Brass/Khaki/Bronze color (its much more gold in person) from the store which i am in LOVE with, and I also ordered the matching Slim Envelope wallet off of eBay. Should be here any day. :woohoo:

    *I cant for the life of me get the picture thing to work...so i have to post links :push:



    I was wondering if anyone has seen a matching signature gold beauty case, and also was curious if the Ipod cases would work as a cell phone case? I want to have a whole matching set to go with my carly.

    Lastly - the ponytail headbands....do they slip off easily? I was thinking of getting one to match my bag as well.
  2. Welcome, GORGEOUS first bag...and I love the matching wallet!
  3. Congrats on your first bag. It is very pretty. You will soon have many more to match coming to this site.
  4. Great bag!!!!! Congrats and welcome to the forum!!!! :welcome:
  5. LOL...i am just in the midst of posting a new topic on which bag to get next. This site is trouble! :nogood:
  6. Wow welcome and great first purchase ! Love the matching wallet too ! There is probably a thread on the ponytail scarves, maybe bobby pins ? I use my scarf on my bag not on my head
  7. [​IMG]
    I have this makeup case. I purchased from my local Coach store a couple of years ago. I love it! It has a pretty lavender fabric lining.
  8. Beautiful, I love the Carly! And Welcome.. you will love it here, but hold onto your wallet!!!! :p
  9. Congrats! Love them!
    especially this gold wallet! If only I'm a wallet person I would buy this,, so pretty, just look how shimmery it is ;)
  10. very cute! congrats on ur first of many coach purchases :graucho:
  11. Welcome to TPF and congrats on the awesome bag.
  12. Welcome and congrats on your 1st purchase! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  13. Welcome to tPF! Like some of us have said - hold onto your wallet! I've never spent so much on Coach till I came to this forum! :sweatdrop:

    You did get some BEAUTIFUL items as your first Coach purchase! The Carly is one of my faves! Good luck in finding your matching cosmetic case - keep checking eBay.

    There is a thread on tPF about how to keep your ponytail scarves attached to your purse - I think there was a suggestion about sewing it a bit to keep it attached or just do it in a "tie" instead of a bow, etc.

    We'll enjoy seeing more of your Coach items to come!!
  14. congrats on your purchase.. I almost got the khaki/bronze I kind of regret I didn't because its such a beautiful color. If you ever have questions or can't decide don't be afraid to post on here everyone on here is very sweet and they will always be very helpful.