Hi Im new & just wanted to share my new bbag :)

  1. I was at NM this afternoon and was looking for a new bbag which btw are my new obsessions:tup:, and i was talking to my SA and i told her i wanted the hobo one and she brings out one from the back, and i had to have it!! I am not sure of the color if anyone knows please let me know :smile:[​IMG]
  2. Blue India!!! My favorite Balenciaga Blue!!! It's gorgeous - congrats - I doubt there are many of these available anymore (it was a fall 2006 color).
  3. Yes, Blue India :yahoo:

    For some reason, NM stores have these lying around...just saw a Part Time a couple of months ago and the Day a few weeks ago.

  4. I love your BI Day bag! Perfect color for this coming summer. Congratulations
  5. Blue India Rocks!!!! I bought my BI day from that very NM!! Garden State Plaza in Paramus, correct?? Love it!!! Fabulous choice!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous!! congrats!!
  7. WOW!:nuts: LOVE IT! Congrats on your first BBag!!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Yay, welcome and congrats! I carried my blue india city today, it's a fab color!

  9. :wtf: YES!!!! your correct!!! LOL!! thank you everyone for the congrats, i am sooo happy:yahoo:
  10. That was lucky OMG Blue India is from 2006 congrats.....by the way I love the day bag also:tup:

  11. thanks also got the FB GH two days ago :nuts: i need help
  12. wow was it a french blue giant day????? I would love one of those

  13. im actually not sure what kind it is i was looking through threads for a reference i think it may be the part time??

    i have a pic its kinda bad pic bc it doesnt pick up the true "goldness" of the hardware

  14. Oh, so pretty!!!!
  15. Congrats!! :yahoo:The day is my absolute favorite - so comfortable and fits so much without being too huge! FABULOUS color too...