Hi im new i need help with this ysl muse

  1. I'd be REALLY suspicious of this site, it looks thrown together. Plus the discount on the Muse isn't huge, just go to NM to purchase it and you'll know it's real and returnable if necessary :smile:
  2. Yep, fakes. ICK
  3. excellent advice!
  4. fake.
  5. do you know of anywhere i can buy one a little cheaper
  6. Nope...they're still popular so the ones you do find on the internet at a discount are more than likely fake. I would say your best bet is to keep checking here and on Ebay but even then, I would be cautious on Ebay and ask a lot of questions and request a lot of pics.

    Anytime you think it's too good to be true, 99% of the time, it is and it's fake. My advice would be to just save your $ and splurge on the real thing. You'll have piece of mind that way!;)
  7. Saks.com has 10% code for online orders (SHOPARIL), Muse was available. If they are all sold out, you can check its site again later.

    NM.com has promotional offer too. Get on its mailing list.