Hi I'm new here with my new handbag.

  1. Hello. Greeting from Malaysia.

    I am a newbie here with my new purchase - chocolate tooled bayswater.

    There isn't any outlet here in Malaysia therefore I can only get this bag from the Mulberry Boutique here. No discount and it cost me 600 sterling paun! What to do I am so in love with it.

    In fact I bought my first mulberry bag, the chocolate bayswater from HK end of 2006 but it was stolen when my house was broken-in one week after I bought it. :sad:

    Something is distracting me now. I found out the leather of the bag has wrinkle on it. I know it might be due to the way they stored the bag since it has been kept so long in the store. Some told me it actually adds character to the bag. Some say it look vintage and more seasoned with the wrinkle. I just don't feel good because I pay so much and I hope it look new.

    Please say something to make me feel good :p

    Here I attach 2 pictures of my new tooled bayswater and one which was stolen : )
    mul_1.JPG mul_2.JPG mulberry_2.JPG
  2. The one that was stolen- did that have the beads at the side?
    To be honest i think your tooled bayswater is gorgeous. My oak Annie has a few wrinkles too - it just makes the bag more individual and gives it character!
  3. Thanks Jo!

    I feel kind of relief now.
    The one that was stolen doesn't come with beads at the side. I have never seen this combination of color before but it was bought from Mulberry boutique in HK and came with official receipt and proper tag. Miss her so much...
  4. Welcome to the gang....
  5. that's a gorgeous bag. don't worry about the wrinkles it doesn't distract from the beauty of it. enjoy!
  6. I love your tooled bayswater, it's really beautiful! :yes: I wouldn't worry about the wrinkles, as you say, it's probably due to storing, and will get better when you use the bag and the leather gets softer!
  7. The tooled Bayswater is really pretty in choclate! Congratulations!

    But I think it is very sad that the other one got stolen. What a pitty.
  8. It's beautiful :tup: Congrats!!

    And I can't believe your other Bayswater got stolen, omg I'm so sorry :crybaby: