Hi, I'm new here. QUESTIONS about buying bags.

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  1. Hi, I'm Stephanie and i'm from Israel (if you know it).
    I want to order desiners bags: Belenciaga, Chanel, Chloe, Lv, Fendi.
    ♥Where can i order those?
    ♥From where do you bought yours?
    ♥How much it will cost?

    I want real bag, NOT fake one.

  2. Welcome to the forum Stephanie. Check this great site for where to buy Balenciaga atelier.naff: Where to buy Balenciaga bags when you are in...

    I am sure other PFers can help you regarding the other bags. I always buy my Chanels from the Chanel boutique. I am too afraid to get them on ebay incase I ends up with fake. But many Pfers have success with getting great bags and deals on ebay.
  3. Well, till you'll answer me, I'll be more specific.
    Chloe: I want dark grey one, kinda like this one: (not exacly)[​IMG]

    +Monogram Canves Stephen bag.


    Belenciaga: red/ turciz/ dark green

    Chanel: little black ona, cllasic

  4. Hi, Thank's for the answer.
    In the site you gave me- Israel doesnt there :sad:
    (even Honolulu is there, LOL)

    It's kind of hard to me with the English, so searchin in Ebay is difficult.
    Espacially because i wanna real one /:

    And "chanel boutique"- is a site or a store in your country(USA?)?
  5. Hum, Anyone? Please..
  6. I am not from US but the boutique at Honolulu "Aloharag" is great..they take international order and the shipping is free.

    I got my Chanels from Sydney, Australia...Chanels have many stores all over the world so it's a matter of finding one closest to you...I am not sure but they should have one in Israel???

    Same should be for LV but you can order online from eluxury Louis Vuitton - Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbag, Louis Vuitton Shoes & Accessory Items at eLUXURY

    Hope this help.:smile:
  7. Welcome! eLuxury only ships in the U.S. Have you looked at Neiman Marcus Online or BergdorfGoodman.com ? Online they will take Visa, Master Card, etc. In the store, they only take their own card or American Express. I believe they ship internationally. Online they don't show all the bags that they carry. In their stores they have Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and probably Balenciaga. I think they have Chloe (that's a beautiful bag you showed us!) online and I know they have Fendi. It's very risky on eBay. Stay away unless you know the buyer only sells authentic bags. They all say they do, but many sellers lie.

    Good luck finding what you're looking for!
  8. Stephanie, have you asked your questions on the forums for the designers you want to buy? Go to the Louis Vuitton message board and ask about how to make an international order. Do the same thing on the Chanel board, Dior, Chloe, etc. They can probably help you.

    I either buy my purses at the store or I have ordered online from Neiman Marcus and eLuxury(which only ships to U.S.). I have bought on eBay and one time I got a fake Prada even though I thought I could trust the seller, so I would not recommend that unless someone recommends an eBay seller.
  9. thanks you all
    ill do what you said to me, ang go to the website and the furoms.

    i got here a private massege, that i can order from EBAY from this saller: "Bagalley49"

    anybody know him/her?
    Does the bags are fake?

    im afraid that someone will sall me a fake one.

    thanks again.
  10. ^we don't allow PMs like that if it was from that Seller, a member shouldn't have sent you that.
    Ask in each Forum an those members will love to help:yes:
  11. I think LuisaViaRoma ships just about anywhere. They have a good selection of Chloe, and may have some other designers that interest you.
  12. Wow! :nuts: That's some list! :yes:

    You could also try Browns:

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    If I were you, I'd buy the Diors directly off their website. :yes: