Hi I'm new but I have a question about Speedy 30 patina

  1. Hello everyone!

    I bought my first LV recently (a monogram Speedy 30 and I'm in love) but I'm still unsure about the untreated leather handles, namely, to condition or not while it's still new.

    Also, when the handles eventually darken, is it ok if they get wet from rain or should they never get wet?

    I'm a bit confused... I don't want to be too paranoid as I bought the bag to use every day but I don't want to ruin it either. Any comments would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance. PS I love this forum! I only found it the other day!
  2. Once the handles start to get patina, water marks shouldn't be that noticeable.

    The search function above is very helpful... there are many similar threads to what you're inquiring about... ;)
  3. Hey Girl.

    I would recommend to just naturally use the bag. Dont use any conditioner or what not. The bag will develop a rich nice SHINY patina so you just use it daily.

    Good Luck with your 30, I :heart: mine!
  4. ITA:yes:
  5. Hi and Welcome!! You will love it here.:smile:

    I have a 25 and have yet to use it. still worried about the handle!
  6. The leather will also get darker faster if you wear lotions on your hands...not necessarily that honey patina color but a dark dirtier color. I used waterproofing spray (Wilson's-comes out in a fine mist and dries quickly-I applied 2 coats-first coat, then second coat about an hour later) on the naked leather before taking it out in the rain.
  7. I love my Speedy 25, :love: I got it in October 06, and mostly have been using everyday. It still looks new. I don't use it when it's raining, and during this winter, not when its really snowing lots. I have not treated my Speedy. I think if I tried something like this, I would do it wrong. So I've decided not to do anything, as LV recommends. :shame: Enjoy your beautiful Speedy!!
  8. I have had mine for a year now and have literally carried it every single day. It has a nice honey patina now and it doesnt show waterspots, all the little marks I fretted about have all blended in now. Just be careful with it the first few months, stick it under your shirt (like me :smile: when it is pouring rain. I didn't use anything on mine until recently. Just enjoy the heck out of it, that is why we buy them, to love them.. Any little marks will blend in, you get what you pay for- these purses are made just beautifully and you will love it to death. Enjoy it!
  9. I do treat my vachetta as well, with whatever I have convient, usually kiwi, because I get it the the grocery store...but have used wilson, shining monkey and apple guard.

    Recently I took my denim sac-a-dos to Disneyland where it got exposed to a lot of dirt, wear and tear and got soaked a couple of times on the rizzle water ride...not a spot, scratch, watermark any where.
  10. Many, many thanks for your quick replies! I'll just use it as it is for now... PS this is a sensational forum, it's great to get such feedback!
  11. The patina also makes the leather a wee bit shiny so that any small drops come off quickly. My speedy has been soaked so many times over 2 and a bit years in the UK climate and it is fine. Water marks don't show at all. I wipe the handles with face wipes every so often, but the rest is looking good!
    You pay for quality and you get a great robust bag.