Hi I'm New and What Do You Think I Should Get

  1. Hi. My name is Jasmine. I am new to the forums and wasn't sure where to introduce myself. I just found this forum and can I tell you I am in sensory overload at this time trying to ogle all of your bags at the same time!

    Just a little about myself I guess. I'm 26 and married for almost 1 1/2 to my husband Paul. We have 3 cats and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and eventually I hope we will have a child or two as well

    I am so happy to have found a forum where its all bags all the time as I adore bags. Never been a shoe girl (I have ugly feet so nothing will help them) but have always had a thing for bags. I am usually a Coach girl (I have I think 5 or 6 pieces from them varying from bags, to wallets, to wristlets, etc.) but now I am thinking of what else I can add to my collection.

    I am studying to become an interpreter of the deaf working in school systems and take the official exam in 2 weeks :s I'm a bit nervous but we will see I guess. As a present my mother has offered to buy me a designer purse as a reward for finishing my exam. Well I thought I was all set on what I wanted to get

    Either the LV Berkley


    Or the LV Speedy 25


    Today I discovered this Gucci online and fell in love so Im hoping one of the wonderful people on the Gucci forum can help me identify it. I believe its from a few seasons ago so that might be harder to get though


    But the more bags I see on this board the less sure I am of what I should ask for :shrugs:

    Any suggestions from any of you bag experts? :idea:

    Thanks again and I think I'm going to like it here :shame: though I doubt my husband is as thrilled as I am :lol:
  2. I had the Azur Berkley and returned it because of all the vachetta and afraid of that. Also with azur there is color transfer so I would go with the less expensive speedy. I wound up buying the Berkley in the ebene color it is an all weather type bag. Not sure of the Gucci, but if it is from pass season, probably secondary market is your best bet. E-bay, Lets-trade.
    If come over to the LV forums, lots of people are really great at helping. I just started with the TPF around 2 months ago and can not believe how much I have learn..
    Welcome to the world of handbag collecting
  3. Too funny seeing you here Jasmine! Looks like we share similar interests, Cavs and bags!!

    While I'm no help with the name of that Gucci, I just wanted to say I think it's stunning. I'm sure the girls in the Gucci forum will help you find out what it is.
  4. I'd say the speedy...every girl should have one!
  5. Welcome enchantindragon! I like the Berkley best b/c of the plaque and the straps along the sides of the bag. It gives it more interest than the Speedy.

    Just a note....LOL.... if you are having trouble deciding which bag to buy now, just wait!!! After a short time on this forum, your head will probably be dreaming of one new bag after another!:smile:
  6. I second that!!

    Don't rush into anything, those are all expensive bags, take your time, cruise the forum and so many bags will spark your interest...

    Personally I love all the bags you've listed, I have the LV Hampstead Azur coming next month, which is similar to the Berkeley, just longer and a shoulder bag..Judging from these photos, you're after a hand held, good luck!!:smile:
  7. Welcome!!!
  8. oooh, that gucci is gorgeous!
  9. I also think the speedy, for the same reason - it's a classic and a perfect first LV for anyone!