Hi im new and thinking of getting a new City

  1. Hi everyone im new here but i give equal amount of love to all my bags like all bag fetish should :shame: So i'm thinking of getting a new Balenciaga City, i just sold my old First in Magenta at eBay :yahoo: sooo reimbursing the money i just received im on a new quest and ive fallen in love with the City in French Blue, if anyone has one can u tell me how well the bag is treating you?:p how much did u get it etc etc..i would love to get some help around here hehe THAAAANKS!!
  2. I love the french blue color, and my new twiggy in that color should get here tomorrow or Wednesday. Mine is coming from BalNY. You could call them and ask if they have any city bags in stock in the french blue color.
  3. i don't have the french blue, but the colour is so pretty :yes:
    good luck on ur seach !
  4. The city is my favourite size of all Balenciagas: Goes with every outfit, in every situation, not too big but not too small. There's a reason for which it's the bestselling B bag.

    For what's regarding french blue I have just seen it today IRL for the first time, and I think it's really pretty. It's a popup color, don't expect it to be neutral, but it should be ok if you were used to a strong color like magenta.

    I say go for it.
  5. French Blue is beautiful, very striking colour. But, I cant wait for Blue Glacier.
  6. Thanks soooo much for the feedback :jammin: now i'm very sure to be getting the French Blue one...!
  7. yup, I saw the FrenchBlue and I think it's gorgeous!
  8. Welcome! :welcome: French blue city sounds good. Very vibrant and a happy color.
  9. I think French Blue looks cool. It will be , yes a pop out colour. Good luck!
  10. I don't have French Blue but the color is very bright and that's always nice to cheer up any outfit.
  11. I love the look of the city. The size and shape is perfect. It should look stunning in the french blue.