Hi! I'm new and I need advice.

  1. Hi all! I just bought by first LV bag last Sunday - a Popincourt Haut. I was down to 3 choices before I bought it- a Speedy Mono 25, and the Petite Noe. Since the Petite Noe had a leather bottom, I decided not to get it because I just throw my bag everywhere. (Well, not literally throw but you know what i Mean. LOL!). Anyway, then it was down to the Speedy and Popincourt Haut. I am more a shoulder bag person so I ended up with the PH.

    I'm now having 2nd thoughts. I have used the PH at work, but I don't like using it when I'm off work (I work 3x a week only). I don't feel as if it can be an everyday bag. It's like too "formal" for me. I know you can but it's just not for me. The Speedy though is like something I will use for work and on weekends. The downside is that I can't use it as a shoulder bag. However, I think I can live with that.

    And of course, there's a $250 difference in price...

    So, if you were in my shoes/circumstances (working parttime/thinking of the diff. in price, etc), would you exchange the PH to a Speedy 25? And if so, would you buy a Speedy Mono or Damier? What I don't like with the Speedy Mono there are a lot of fakes just like it.


  2. Welcome to tPF.:flowers:
    I would def. exchange it! If you are not happy with the bag, get the one you will be happy with! Given the choice between damier and mono, I would go with damier speedy!:yes:
  3. Well, I like the Popincourt as an every day bag, but I also have a Speedy Mono and a new Speedy Damier. I think the Mono is a classic. That everyone should have one. Now, the Damier...is just so beautiful. People have stopped me on the street to look at it. I'd go with the Speedy, if it was a choice between Speedy and the Popincourt.
  4. yes, if you're not happy with the Popincourt Haut, and you're seriously considering the price difference, exchange it. DON'T get the Mono Speedy; it's too common and too faked. get the Damier Speedy; the Damier print looks more professional anyway :yes:
  5. That's what my hubby said too. :smile: He came with me when I got it and he said he saw the Damier Speedy one and liked it. He just didn't suggest it because he thought I'd like the Mono more for a first purchase.
  6. Hi LV_addict, thanks for the Welcome. I'm from TO too. :yes: I bought mine at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale.
  7. Thanks! Now I'm leaning towards the Speedy Damier. Do you find it Ok with the space inside? What I like about the PH is the cellphone pocket.
  8. It's too bad that you don't find the PH working out for you. It was my first LV as well, and I still love it the most to this day !

    Honestly, I think the damier print is more professional than the mono, so while something like that would be perfect for work, personally I wouldn't like carrying out casually as much. I often use my PH as a casual bag. But hey, different strokes for different folks ! Take your stuff to LV with you and try the bag on with everything in it, that's the best way to see if it'll work out for you ! :smile:
  9. ^^ I agree, you want a bag you love and will be totally happy with.

    I'm really a shoulder bag person, too, but I make an exception for the speedy, especially the *Damier Speedy* - it's just too awesome!
  10. Thanks Ayla! I guess I'm the backpack type of person. LOL! The PH looks too nice for my days off. LOL!
  11. YAY!!!:wlae: Who was your SA?
  12. Welcome, if it was me i would exchange it as i'm not getting the full use out of the bag. I want the speedy too but in the mono but the downside there are lots of fakes and for this reason i'd get it in damier
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum! I too own the PH and a Speedy (in damier). I actually love the PH and think it is a great bag for work and everyday. In all honesty, I don't think it's too formal for everyday...and you can dress it down easily with a pair of jeans. I've seen several women IRL use it very casually. I also love how you can adjust the straps.

    but if you're not in love with the PH then by all means I'd exchange it and get what you really love. there is a significant price difference between the two and you'd save some money for sure, but if you go with the speedy, go for the damier please! the mono speedy is just way too common...fake or real...the damier is different and I have seen very few people IRL with this bag...I hope this helps!

    oh, and if you find the "lack of pockets" in the speedy discourage..I suggest you invest in a "pursket" these things are the greatest invention alive!!:yahoo: Purseket - Put it in a Purseket and dig no more! Purseket is the ultimate purse organizer.
  14. Take the damier speedy..! You can never go wrong with a speedy, and with damier, you don't have to worry about the patina and dirty handle..! :P