Hi! I'm new..and I already have a problem

  1. Hi all!!! I just found this forum last week and I've had fun reading the post and seeing all bags and accesories you guys have. I already see a problem developing (and I think I like it :nuts:) In the past 2 days I've purchased a Soho signature small hobo, Soho signature checkbook wallet and I'm going back on my lunch hour to buy a Soho leather wristlet (isn't it ironic that I work in Soho :yes:). These are my first Coach purchases and it doesn't help that I am in walking distance from a Coach store:wtf:. Just wanted to intorduce myself and say HI to everyone!
  2. you're hooked!! welcome!!!
  3. Bwahahahaha!
  4. and by the way, your cats are the cutest!! (lots of us love cats around here too)
  5. Hey! We don't think of it as a problem, it's just a ... healthy addiction. Lol.

    Welcome to tPF!!
    Happy to have you! :yahoo:
  6. Aww yes I didn't notice that before! They ARE SO CUTE! One of my cats are sweet, the other, who is in my avatar, is a kitten from Hades!!!
  7. Hooked after the first hit that's how addiction goes. Welcome and post pictures.
  8. Oh dear, your in walking distance to a Coach store??? Might as well kiss your extra spending money goodbye 'cause we all know where its going to go now. LOL Welcome to tpf!!
  9. Welcome - nothing but enablers on this site so beware!

    I LOVE that picture of your cats - adorable.

    Court and Candy - your cats are also incredibly cute. Our beloved boy died a few years ago and we've not been able to bring another home.
  10. Welcome ... and congrats on your purchases
  11. Welcome to the Purse Forum and enjoy your purchases.
    I am sure that they will be the first of many.
  12. i am walking distance to my coach store too...its a hard urge to fight, but its ok you learn how to fight it in time
  13. Welcome! Glad to have you here. :smile:
  14. Hey Welcome =D
  15. Welcome to tpf. Post pics when you can:smile: