Hi I'm Kimmie....and I'm an E-bay a-holic!

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  1. Yes, I admit it I'm contantly buying on e-bay. Almost embarrassing I do it so much:shame:. SO.......Im making my own crazy thread on all of the deals I'm always picking up. Feel free to check in at any time because Im alway getting to some kind of e-bay/coach buying trouble.
    Just won these a few days ago:okay:
    Rose legacy shoulder from 06' and the large black sig. soho flap. Totally did not need them but since I can no longer get them......well ya know:upsidedown:
    Ebay Pics 625.jpg Ebay Pics 627.jpg
  2. Here is the other pic. comp. is having issues today:hysteric:
    Ebay Pics 626.jpg
  3. that black sig soho is a need! I love my white/brown leather one but I wish I could go back and exchange for a black.
  4. What about that awesome lot you won? :p
  5. Lol! not here yet. I'll post them just as soon as I get them:smile:

  6. A few more past e-bay purchases:graucho:
    Ebay Pics 281.jpg Ebay Pics 317.jpg Ebay Pics 416.jpg Ebay Pics 517.jpg Ebay Pics 577.jpg
  7. Oh I was hoping for an eBay link to tide me over. ::jealous of all the new bags:::love:
  8. A couple more:rolleyes:
    Ebay Pics 437.jpg Ebay Pics 615.jpg
  9. OOh Kimmie I love your white Ali.. which sellers are the trusted ones on eBay? Are you be able to tell on here? :flowers:

  10. [​IMG] Oh I love that! Do you know what year thats from?
  11. gosh, wow!
  12. Ughh I'm in love with your new additions!
  13. Its from this year. Fall 07' collection. Its called the patchwork carly.
  14. I think it is the '07 Fall Patchwork Carly.