Hi I'm Iwuvtokidoki!!!

  1. Hi ALL!!! Ive been a tokidoki addict for a while now and ive come to realize that im becoming a bigger and bigger addict as time goes by. lol. Anywho..im 22 yrs old and live in NYC..
    just wanted to say hi and that i love this forum, everyone seems so nice and its nice to see everyone's bag.:yes:
  2. Hi, iwuvtokidoki. I just joined this forum as well. It's interesting to see all the different issues that revolve around the Tokidoki culture. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome!! ^_^ I'm Maya, probably one of the ONLY non-enablers on this forum. *lol* Everyone else will tell you your addiction will continue to grow as you spend time on this forum!! Hahaha. And I've definitely seen it in action many times!! :p
  4. Hi welcome!! I joined recently too!! It's a dangerous addiction!!
  5. Welcome! :yahoo:
  6. Welcome!! I'm Clare (aka Dancing Nancies)~ This forum helped me to become a certified toki addict :p You'll have a lot of fun here!!
  7. Hello neighbor and welcome :smile:
  8. Hi iwuvtokidoki, i'm leen! sorry to say i'm an enabler here! HAHA!
    and soon you will meet others that are too! lol.. welcome to the board!
  9. hello! welcome :smile:
  10. hope u enjoy ur stay here ;)
  11. Hi Iwuvtokidoki!! Welcome to the forum!! :balloon::balloon:
  12. thank you all for the warm welcome:smile:
    im going crazi over here at home waiting for my transporto to get here..bad thing is, i think it will come wen im out at skool =(
  13. *waves* I'm "new" here too. Well, I registered awhile ago but have decided to start posting now. I need to talk to other Toki addicts!
  14. hi brokensmile! its nice to just talk to other addicts, lol it makes u feel less obsessed..or should it be more? ha ha ha
  15. Haha yeah I know what you mean. I think I'm going to get more obsessed now. :p