Hi, I'm a Mulberry virgin!!

  1. Have just fallen in love with the Bayswater. Having just covinced myself that I need? another bag, its just gotta be this one. However, I kinda like the Chocolate but can't find it on the Mulberry site - is this colour still made? Does anyone know? Love to hear from you
  2. I have find the chocolate one in Mulberry.com just now:
    shop online-iconic styles :heart:
  3. Hi, Thanks Racquel, Yes just gone on the Mulberry site and yes you're right. Didn't read the description properly as it looked black on my screen. Thanks for that. Hmmm now do I have a Chocolate or an Oak?.............:rolleyes:
  4. that's been my dilemma for ages- do some searches and you'll get all the posts about the different colour leathers and pro's and cons!
    I've decided I want a chocolate one! :heart:

  5. Jo, I know you're looking for a discounted chocolate Bayswater but just to say I saw it in John Lewis yesterday and you're definitely right to go for chocolate over oak. It was scrummy.
    I also saw the mini Mabel for the first time - in red and black. I'm not usually a boxy shape bag girl but I really liked it, especially in red, but not the £450 price tag!
  6. I have to agree - the chocolate is totally gorgeous - a choco bayswater is such a classic.

  7. i just can't find one at any of the outlets!!! Still, maybe DH will let me get a full price one at xmas!
  8. Hi

    I've noticed all you knowledgeable ladies talk about Mulberry outlets, I know I'm being naive but are these bags seconds? and what is defined as so? Tell me more please?
  9. Some bags are marked as sub meaning they have failed Mulberry's quality control. Often you would be hard pressed to spot the flaw. Others are discontinued lines or colours, lines that never made it into production and customer returns. I recently bought two Aralines for half price (£147). There was nothing wrong with them but were from a line that had been discontinued.
    The outlets are great because you can often find a design that is no longer in the shops.
    The factory shop at Shepton Mallet also has bags and purses made specially for it, I recently got a zip around purse in red congo leather for £59. That design and colour has never been in the shops.
    The outlets are always worth a look.
  10. I am looking for my first Mulberry, too. I can't decide between the Hanover, Knightsbridge or Bayswater in black. HELP!!!!!
  11. bayswater- more classic!:wlae:
  12. Wow, what a saving - afterall its this bit I tell DH - he will be pleased in how much I've saved him!!:graucho:

    I agree with Jo. I decided to go designer and yes for me its going to be a Bayswater (in chocolate!!!!)
  13. Hanover is very soft and I would worry it would mark really easily. It's one of those bags that shows the shape of what's inside it. I like the shape of Knightsbridge but it's sooooooo boring IRL. Nothing makes it stand out as a classic and the straps are quite short so it's jammed up under your armpit unless you have twig arms. Bayswater is the way to go......
  14. Thanks for the help!! I will be ordering soon as these bags are nowhere to be found in Texas!!