Hi, I'm a brand new poster, but I really need some advice on Botkier. ++


Jul 14, 2010
I want to get the Botkier Brooklyn Large Hobo (not crossbody) in black off of RueLaLa. They have it for $199.

Here's a link.

Does anyone have one/do you like it or does anyone have any resounding NAYS on this bag? Is it a good deal for this bag?

Other options are:

$149 Botkier Rivington (small), the same one as in this thread.

$199 Botkier Dion Hobo

Thanks so much!!! :biggrin: I'm really confused at the moment, so sorry if I come off n00b-ish :O
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May 9, 2010
Hi beebeebee,
I have a large brooklyn hobo in snake and I love it! Cannot say enough good things about it, right now it seems to be my go to bag. I think the ruelala sale has some really great prices right now. There have been a lot of sales recently, but these are the lowest prices I have seen so far. I do also like that dion hobo but it is a HUGE bag. I was not real fond of the rivington until I saw the reveal in here, it looks better irl than online for sure! decisions decisions, hope this helped a little.... good luck in your deciding!