Hi I need some info on this bag:

  1. Hey

    I am involved in a dispute with an eBay member who maintains she sold me an authentic dior which was actually a hideous fake. I was kicking myself for falling for it already and now she won't agree to the claim and I'm going to need information about this particular bag and why it is fake.

    The bag is the Jadore Dior ''Poison'' medium saddle bag, well it would be if it was real. Does anyone have this bag? I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could post pics so I can prove to paypal that the one I recieved is a fake.

    http://cgi.eBay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&rd=1&item=280134263639&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=018

    This is the bag which has an inside tag saying made in france which totally gives it away. I didnt read the auction properly I know but she still said it was real anyway.

    I basically need some info on this bag and pics that I can use, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasnt sure where I should.

    Thanks :sweatdrop:
  2. link isnt working for me. . .
  3. Hello,

    I am so sorry you purchased a fake Dior handbag! I hate when I hear this happened to someone. I don't know this particular Dior bag...did the handbag come with the Dior Mainentenance Guide booklet? If so, look under the english part and see if there are any misspelled words...such as "sane" instead of "same" and so forth. I have attached an example of a Dior Maintenance Guide (authentic vs fake). If there are misspelled words, you may want to send the seller an email letting them know that there are misspellings within the maintenance guide and Christian Dior never misspells words. I hope this helps.

    best wishes and good luck!

    p.s. You can cut and paste the pics directly from the auction you purchased the item from, since the link isn't working and that way we can help you some more after seeing the pics.


  4. Hey thanks for your help so far. Unfortunately it didnt have a maintence guide but your pics are helpful anyway as a reference :smile:, I assumed it had one when I bought it cos I've never seen a dior without one but all I got was an ''authenticity card''.

    Here are some pics of the bag:




    I know its so obvious as a fake but the pictures in the auction were misleading (there was not one of the inside which screams fake instantly).

    Thanks for replies so far, anyone else who has this bag or knows about it please let me know, I just need a clear picture of a real one to compare it to or a loophole in her argument, shes calling me a liar and is refusing a refund! :push:

    I'm seriously put off eBay for life, even though I got one of my nicest chanels from there I just can't take the risk anymore!
  5. some Dior bags are actually made in France, so this is not the problem here ...but the font on the tag is hideous, all wrong. Im away at the moment but when i am back i can send you a lot of pics of authentic Dior tags. Also our lovely iqaganda has this original bag, maybe you should PM her and ask for comparison pics ... the thing is i dont think paypal will side with you just because you send the comparison pics... it hink you need to have that authenticated ...have you checked the ebay subforum for advice?
  6. I've just posted in the ebay forum now, I know the tag is sooo gross but the seller left out pics of the inside so I fell for it.

    I can't believe I've been so stupid!

    I'm not sure how I can get this (un)authenticated either, hopefully someone will know, I heard of mypoupette but I don't know if paypal accept them as authenticaters.

    Thanks for help so far anyway x
  7. oh its so ugly :cry: I'm so very sorry. I hope that you get this straightened out. iqaganda does have this bag, and i have the boston of it... if I can be of any help, just pm me.

  8. Hello,

    I believe this handbag is called a Dior Poision Hardcore saddle bag. I have the pouchette version. In addition, I did find an authentic black saddle version. I have posted pics below for comparison, which I hope will be helpful. You could send the seller comparison pics and see what they say. In addition, you may want to mention you plan to report her to eBay, Paypal, USPS Postal Inspection Mail Fraud (it is illegal to ship fake goods), National Trade Commission Complaint, Internet Fraud Complaint Center and so forth. I believe it is a state/federal offense to sale fake goods.

    In addition, you may want to check out the following eBay guide on what to do when you purchase a fake. It has been helpful to me personally!


    I am actually in a dispute with a seller (I got fooled as well)...I am trying to keep my hopes up about eBay, because I know many seller's who only sale authentic items. If you find out how/where to easily get a Dior handbag authenticated could you send me a message and let me know as well.

    I wish you all the best!




  9. So sorry this happened to you. I hope that you get everything resolved.
  10. Thank you soooooo much for all your help, especially Beautifulbasics thats just what I needed you're a star! :yahoo:

    I'm gonna wait until paypal contacts me but with it authenticated and these pics I should have what I need. I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell for one of these scams, its hard because I've found genuine bargains before with Chanel bags but I think cos I don't know dior as well as chanel that I got scammed.

    Unfortuantely this has made have to take an urgent visit to dior this week for comfort, at least then i know its authentic. I'm determined to have one of these bags lol
  11. I've used mypoupette before for authentication. At first I got no response, and when I finally contacted Angie by telephone, she was super helpful and I got my authentication within hours and also I won my case.

    I hope you paid by credit card because it's much easier to get your money back if the seller is not cooperative.

    Good luck.
  12. I am sorry this happened to you.
  13. I'm sorry, this has happened to me and I know just how annoying it can be!
  14. Well I manged to cure my sadness with a little Diortherapy! :yahoo:

    I took a trip to Dior today and got a gorgeous charms bag for when I go to Croatia and that will hopefully last a long time. So much better just buying from the boutique there's no worries about authenticity and I get to look out for other bags at the same time that are equally gorgeous!

    Haven't heard anything from mypoupette yet but I expect it will be at least a week.
  15. WOW! I am sorry about your unauthentic handbag! If it makes you feel any better, I think MANY of us have been 'had' on Ebay. I unknowlingly bought a fake MJ Stam bag this week! It makes you feel horrible! Good Luck!