Hi! I just couldn't resist! UPS is too slow! I bought an ERGO!

  1. Hi everybody! I have posted a few times here but I don't believe I've ever started a thread? Anywhoo- HOWDY!

    My story is long and boring- but I can tell you the ending! I ended up with LV's that make my heart jump a beat- but Coach has ALWAYS been on my mind- I check out Coach.com a lot because of my location and the nearest Coach boutique/store that carries Coach is in Anchorage ( 6 hour drive!)

    So- last weekend I was in Anchorage! And of COURSE I went to Nordstrom's to check out the loot- and FELL WAY HEAD OVER MY HEELS IN LOVE WITH THIS BABY!!!

    Bought her yesterday over the phone from Belvue Square mall Macy's in Bellvue, WA! HOWDY SEATTLE AREA LADIES!! Aaand, got the FF discount too!!

    Anyways-! I bought this baby! Whadda think? Where are all the other Signature Ergo owners around here? I tried to search for pics of somebody carrying theirs but couldn't find any! Post your pics if you got any- if not-that's fine- I'll DEFINITLY post mine when the bag arrives!:yes: :yahoo: :drool:

    Presenting- LARGE ERGO SIGNATURE TOTE!!! (sorry for the small pic!)

  2. YAY! Gorgeous bag! I know you'll love carrying it! ENJOY!
  3. Congrats, great looking bag.
  4. Congrats!!!!
  5. Thanks LADIES! I can't WAIT for her to come in!!!!!

    argh. waiting for bags is like some kind of punishment!
  6. haha waiting is punishment!!!! :smile: CONGRADS I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR PICS! ;)
  7. awesome! congrats on the new bag
  8. Thanks! I can't wait to get it in! But I may not be here tomorrow b/c of a final I have to take!! :devil: :wondering

    Hi Bessie!!!
  9. Congratulations on your first Coach purchase! I'm sure it won't be your last :yes: Lovely choice!

  10. Thank you! And this IS my first Coach purchase...... in a LONG time! (Well- any handbag time is at LEAST 3X normal anti-tPF time right!?) The last Coach I bought was a multi-perforated hobo-small and it was well-- too SMALL! That little baby went to some lucky lady out there on eBay- and so did the wallet that matched- which I COMPLETELY REGRET NOW!! :cursing:


    Nobody on here bought this EXACT bag and posted pics? Don't tell me I'll be the first? :shame::sweatdrop::rolleyes: I'm shy!
  11. Hi there. Congrats on your bag! I don't own your bag, but I do own the Ergo Vintage Vachetta Tote No. 11011 which is a leather version of your bag. I love mine and I know that you will love yours too. I own several Ergo Bags from this year and some from 2002. I know that you will love wearing your bag as it is lightweight too!
  12. I have two of the large ergos, in leather, not signature, and they are my favorite bags hands down. They are so light and so useful - you can pack them full or just throw a few things in and they slouch nicely. I'm on a ban until December right now (I bought three bags from the ergo line - must stop!) and I don't even care. These are the best bags, you really will love yours. I like the signature, I tried it on as well and thought it was really striking, but I tend to be rough on my everyday bags so I got leather.
  13. Hey my fellow Fairbanks AK Coach lover :graucho:

    That is why I eBay for all my Coach stuff! $20 to ship ANYTHING from Coach.com - even little tiny charms/keyfobs!!!
  14. congrats!
  15. Uh-oh... you're cheating on LV. :graucho:

    Great bag! I love my Coaches too.