Hi, I am visiting, but wondering if any mom out there use their Chloe bag as a carry-

  1. all for your kids as well as a purse. I am going to use a diaper bag, but also need a big bag for my things and my 2 year old's in addition to the new baby (coming in June)! Thanks!
  2. I have a 15 month old but my other kids are already preteens (they carry their own bags at least most of the time). So to answer your question, not really I do carry a little toy a pacifier or other in my Chloé but no bottles, food etc. but I only have paddy satchels, the Edith would make a great diaperbag in my opinion.
  3. I think that you will find many moms on this forum that do use their Chloe bags to carry their children's things. I definitely have used my designer bags as diaper bags. I use a Nappy Sac (www.thenappysac.com) and two zip up cosmetic pouches (I suggest Lexie Barnes minis) which help me organize my things, since obviously regular purses don't have the usual plethora of pockets that a diaper bag does. I have used my Paddy, my Koobas, and my Bbags for this purpose, and it works great. If you have to carry things that are stinky or leaky, obviously that would not be good though. HTH!
  4. when my kids were babies i mostly used balenciaga bags because they were so light and easy to carry on my shoulder (a necessity when you need two hands)...now that they're a little older (4 and 6) there are some chloe styles that fit all of their stuff and have pockets for mine (eg. betty, paddington hobo, large silverado doctor) but i only buy darker colors...hope this helps and congrats!
  5. I am with nycmom. I can use my paddy easily, but when it comes to running major errands with the rug rat in tow, I always grab my Balenciaga City because it is so light and effortless. (I also use the Fleurville Mothership diaper bag for when I need to carry EVERYTHING).
  6. I have an Edith and Paddy, and don't find them quite roomy enough to put the kids things in. And I have 2 babies, so I have ALOT of stuff!