HI! I am new posting here and would like to purchase a Pouchette - suggestions please

  1. Hi. I'm new posting in the LV Forum - I have only posted on Coach before. I am looking at purchasing a Pochette, and would like some tips on where to buy & what to buy. I have always liked the traditional Monogram Pochette, but is there something else out there that is Classic, too, that will go with everything? I like the size just for "going out" and holding a few essentials - also something I can toss into a bigger bag. I also like the look of the Azur Pochette...something different. Anyone have one of these? I'd LOVE to see pics!!
    I noticed some reference to 'let-trade'...how are their items: authentic? condition?...Are there any reputable sellers on eBay? I'd LIKE to get a "DEAL" on one, if possible.
    Thanks so much for your help!!! :yes:
  2. Hiya and welcome to LV forum! you will love it here!
    First of all i suggest to NEVER buy off eBay some of the pictures may not even be pictures of their own bags and a lot are fake. But if you really do want a deal you might be able to get a real one off eBay but remember to post the link here >http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/authenticate-this-louis-vuitton-17670.html On the Authenticate this so People can help you see if it's authentic or not.

    Second Alot of people on here have used Let-trade They do authentic items but it depends some of them are used.
    You can use a site called www.eluxury.com That sells authentic items and that is the site that is linked to The Shop online bit on Louis Vuitton.com
    Or Obviously you could by from the Louis Vuitton Boutique , So i suggest try ELUX.

    And they also do A few small Damier & Azur bags that are perfect for nights out and and very pretty for summer. They are also a classic.

    Good luck !
  3. Hi! Thank you so much for the very helpful info!! Do you have specific numbers/names/links for the items you are talking about (Damier & Azur) - so that I can know what to look for? Also, I was reading in another LV post and it seems that most people who HAVE an Azur bag have not carried it for fear that it will get dirty?!!? Maybe I want to stay away from that one. Plus, I guess the Monogram one WOULD be year-round, which is what I'd rather have.
    Thank you so much!!
  4. Yea i know what you mean there is also a Thread on here that offers suggestions on how to clean them IF they do get dirty.
    Here are some of my suggestions :
    http://eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10743027&SectionID=6000 Thats a very cute bag in Classic mono.

    http://eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10397718&SectionID=6000 This one is abit bigger but still very cute.

    http://eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=11425901&SectionID=6000 Gotta love the riveting << :love:

    http://eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10899830&SectionID=6000 This is a cute one in Damier.


    http://eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10021833&SectionID=6000 This is a VERY pretty bag . It is Vernis and CAN get colour transfer but it does come in several colours 3 different ones are on elux now.
  5. WOW!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for all of those great ideas!!! You ROCK! :jammin: I SO appreciate all of your help!:smile:
  6. ^^ Lol i know i do :nuts: LOL.
    I hope you find the perfect one for you!
    Don't forget to post pics when you get one and good luck :yes:
  7. :p
    Will do! Thanks, again!!
  8. i have the pochette in Azur and i just got the Cerises pochette! i havent even used her yet.... anyways, i love my azure pochette and i think that would be a wonderful one to get, but if its your first LV and you really want to get one the classic monogram then thats what i think you should do! the azur is def. more understated in the sense that not every single person who sees it will recognize it, but you may not care about that. i would try eluxury.com, the pochettes are not too expensive and since its your first i would get a brand new one! good luck!
  9. Hi, My first and second LV's (bought on the same day) were the monogram and the azur pochette. I bought them both last November and I didn't think that I would use the azur so much but I have used it so much and it is not dirty at all. The sales lady just told me not to let it rub against blue jeans in case there is colour transfer from the jeans but I wear it on my shoulder and I have not had a problem.
    Also, those 2 pochettes and the other bag I bought for my daughter are the only new LV's I have ever bought. With the help of the amazing people on the authenticate thread who give of their time freely, I have bought about another 10 LV's and all have been authentic and I have saved a fortune. So ebay is not so bad you just need really expert help. If they say leave it, you leave it and when they give you the go ahead bid away to what you can afford.
  10. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful and very helpful info!!! I am glad to know the Azur isn't as difficult to keep clean as it looks like it would be. I DO like the classic look of the Monogram, but it would be kinda FUN to have the Azur - something DIFFERENT that people wouldn't expect (at least, not MY friends).:supacool: Plus, my BF has the Monogram Pochette, so I don't know if I'd want to be all matchy-matchy with her. Although, it wouldn't make a difference to either of us. :p
    Thanks so much & I will definitely post pics if/when I make a decision!!
  11. Hi and welcome to the LV side! :smile:

    I hope you do get the Azur Pochette! Sounds perfect for ya! ;)
  12. i am a giant fan of the mini mono pochette myself. that is just me though.
  13. If you only get one monogram pochette ever, I recommend the one from the Riveting range...But if you've decided on something lighter-coloured, Damier Azur pochette is the choice! So gorgeous...
  14. i think azur would be great for you (and i agree you DONT want to match bags with your BFF)
  15. I own both and I get many more looks with the azur- such a pretty spring bag