Hi, I am new here!

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  1. I'm usually on the LV forum but I was looking through the reference section here last night and I really like the cambon bowler bag, and the large cambon tote. I am from Vancouver, does anyone know if the Holt Renfrew here has a Chanel section?

    Also, can someone please tell me what cambon means? Is it lamb leather and can you take it out in the rain? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. WELCOME!!
    From what I've read here, some Holt's carry Chanel, but not all.
    Cambon is the style or line {Ligne}, it's not lamb although it's super soft and some people think it is.
  3. Thanks! So what distinguishes a cambon? The 2 C's on the side?
  4. I just looked up Chanel on the Holt Renfrew website and apparently they only have it in Montreal and Calgary! :cursing: How do most people buy their chanel bags?
  5. I just went to the Chanel boutique for the first time on Saturday! I'm considering the black and white cambon bowler bag.

    Can anyone pls tell me how many years warranty chanel bags have?

    Also, how often do they go on sale? Thanks.
  6. Welcome!

    From what I learned here classic Chanel pieces do not go on sale. But the cambon line was on sale last season and from what I read some fellow members got some really good deals! Maybe they wiil have them on sale again at some point!

    p.s the most durable Chanel leather is caviar!
  7. It's different in Canada apparently. . . but the Cambon's w/ white CC's are not being ordered here anymore per my Chanel SA.
    So they'll either go on sale if there's any left here, have already been put on sale or just will run out and not be replenished.
    Chanel pretty much has a lifetime warranty, meaning they'll repair you bag as long as you have it. But I think after the first year there's minor charges for repairs.
  8. Hi Swank,

    Love your new avatar.

  9. Really? Why are they getting rid of the white CC's? They had black and white cambon wallets and the bowler at the boutique I went to. Can you tell me how durable Chanel is? LV is known to last 10+ years, how about chanel? Thanks in advance!
  10. Welcome!!! :biggrin:
  11. Welcome to the forum.. Ask all the questions u want.. its a matter of time and u'll be the expert!!! :yes:
  12. Most CHanel products are seriously durable, some people still have bags in like condition from 20+ yrs ago.
  13. I got caught in the rain today with my beige/black Cambon Reporter and all was fine. It is a sturdy calf leather. I am not super careful with my Cambon Reporter and Bowler and they look great! They are actually my rainy day Chanel bags.

  14. Rain bags! Thats what I need in this Vancouver weather! Do you know if Chanel bags are all handmade?

    And are they all made in France or do they have other factories as well?
  15. You mean like new condition? How are the Cambon bags in durability?