Hi I am new and have ??

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  1. Hi I am new, although, I have read about the site and have browsed for awhile. I think this will be a great place for me , since everyone is into fashion. :yahoo:I was wondering, how can I have an avatar?
    Thanks everyone.
  2. Hey, I did it never mind. HELLO EVERYONE!!
  3. welcome
  4. hello ! I hope you`re gonna love it here ! :flowers:
  5. :shocked:<----This is me with dried out eyes because I am seriously on here ALL THE TIME....watch out its going to happen to you too!!:lol:

  6. :lol: :yes: welcome :flowers:
  7. Welcome!!
  8. welcome aboard!
  9. hey welcome! glad 2 meet u!
  10. Welcome. yes its a very addicting place to be. But everyone is soo nice and you will make great friends here. Its a second family.
  11. Just like everyone else said-- you'll LOVE it here.
  12. :smile::woohoo: welcome on board!
  13. Welcome!!
  14. Hi, and welcome! :flowers: