HI, i am looking for this cosmetics pouch, i dont see this in their website rop

  1. Has this been d/c or do u think i can find this in the outlets tia
  2. If you know the item number you could call JAX and ask them. :yes:
  3. Item # is 40025. Color is Vermillion. It's the Signature Stripe Medium Beauty Case. I've not seen these at the outlets.
  4. thanks a bunch!
  5. I have not seen it at an outlet either.
  6. thanks a lot all of you, for the quick replies. I actually got the Marc by MJ cosmetic pouch and i still want this ..thought the lemming would pass ;) i dont think so..
  7. i saw it at my store.. columbus circle in NYC
  8. I saw these at the store near my house. But I don't remember the colors. I know they had 4 different color sets and one of them was black.
  9. I am getting a cosmetic pouch for a Crimmas Prentz (as my DD called presents for Christmas when she was 4) and I can't wait to get it!

    I like your choice of colors!
  10. We had some at my store in this color but after the day we had yesterday, I don't know what colors we have left.
  11. These haven't been in the stores for a while in this color. They were at my outlet, but that was a long time ago too...its probably been almost a year since my outlet had them.
  12. I really want one of these now- so cute. hope you get one :smile:
  13. Hey, if the stripe was in Mahogony, it would match my suitcase I just bought!
  14. Haven't seen them at my outlets.