Hi! I Am Fairly New To The Pf And Have Photos To Share!

  1. :yes:This is such a great place, and I am having so much fun sharing my passion for bags and shoes with all you wonderful ladies! I am a longtime LV enthusiast who was looking for guidance in purchasing my first Balenciaga bag, and my search lead me to the pf. After seeing my avitar picture many have asked to see some photos of my collection. It's only been a month and my 3rd Balenciaga bag (05 Sky Blue City) is due to arrive today. I keep all my bags, shoes, and accessories safely tucked in LV dustbags and boxes! I love LV boxes, especially the drawer style because no matter how high you stack them you can always get to what you want! It would take way too much time to unpack everything for photos, but when I bring something new out I will take a picture. For now I have taken pictures of most of the things I have been wearing this past summer. I have been drooling over all the lovely photos scattered through out this site. I hope you enjoy mine as well.
    IMG_2745-1.jpg IMG_2750-1.jpg IMG_2082-1.jpg IMG_2120-1.jpg IMG_2594-1.jpg
  2. Ooops, please submit your photos to our Bag Showcase, that's where we ask everyone to share their collections.
    There's an LV Clubhouse as well where you can see photos of everyone's LVs.

  3. Beautiful! I so wish I had a closet to store nothing but my boxes. Congrats and welcome!!!! :yahoo:
  4. I love your boxes. You have some shoe collection. I keep all my stuff in the dustbag and boxes, too, but I label mine. I should attach pics but I am too lazy.
  5. I love your collection!welcome!:yahoo:
  6. Wow that is breath taking :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  7. Very neat..love it!

    I don't have room in my closet for the boxes plus I figure the bags need to breath LOL:P
  8. that is extremely neat!
  9. Holy smokes, woman, that is an awesome collection!!

    What is that skull & flower clutch/cosmetics bag? I love it!!
  10. :nuts: :drool:
  11. Very organized! Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Deana sweetie! Your collection is absolutely beautiful! =)
  13. :heart: your collection!
  14. Love your collection! WOW so many shoes! I can only say..FABULOUS! welcome:yes:
  15. Umm, :nuts: WOW!!
    The pics are a great idea, what with having so many shoes & all.
    I can only dream of LV shoes & goodies from floor to ceiling:love: