hi, how can i look up a serial number to check the bag is genuine?

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  1. hi, can anyone tell me how I can check a serial number on a handbag ive seen for sale to make sure its not a fake?
    many thanks
  2. If the bag is for sale on eBay you can add it to the authenticate this mulberry section following the instructions in the first post
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  4. Hi thanks but bag in a second hand shop, lady said she would hold it until Monday but can't seem to be able to check the number
  5. Do you know what type of bag it is? If it is real the bag may not have a serial number.
  6. Hi Lucinda,

    Welcome to the mulberry forum.

    As Madmadmo says earlier bags didn't have serial numbers, though I am figuring as you've trying to check a number this bag has one. There is no official database for numbers unfortunately, and whilst certain numbers do crop up regularly as fakes, it is possible that the numbers listed were copied from an original genuine bag... So that doesn't really help you.
    The only way to check if a bag is genuine is to have it authenticated. There are companies such as Authenticate4u which charge a nominal amount (£5 I believe) to authenticate your item from photographs. If the bag turns out to be a fake, it is illegal for the shop to sell it, and so would have to refund your money.
    All that said if you still wanted to simply check the serial number you could try typing mulberry fake serial number into Google.
    Hope that helps?
  7. Thank you all for your help

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  8. I don't know if I've done this right but this is the bag for sale
  9. Good luck if you go down the authentication route as Mooshooshoo advises .
    An alternative would be to contact a reseller such as Labels Most Wanted who may be able to source one for you ?
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    Hello, can anyone tell me if this is a genuine Michael Kors please?

    item number 173654032201

    The seller has good feedback but they’ve changed their name 3 times in the last few years & I can’t see any feedback for these bags.

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