Hi HO hi HO its off to the D&B OUTLET we go...

  1. so mouth aka ViciousBliss and i are journeying down to the more populated area of maine... and we are going OUTLET SHOPPING!!!!! im like waaay stoked.. i love goin to dooney and coach and lookin at all the lovely things they have... who knows what Ms.Vicious' next purchase will be? hmmmmmmmm:yahoo:
  2. Sounds like fun.
  3. cant wait to see what kinda stuff we can dig up! we are on a mission to find a GREAT BUY;)
  4. I went to Dooney in Reading on Thursday. Not sure if there was a sale for the weekend (maybe starting Friday) but they did not have any specials except the clearance items that have been there for months & months.
  5. the siggy stuff in like rainbow colors? im so ill impressed with that line!
  6. They had the AWL Compartment Bags 60% off. They they had other stuff that I ignore... Can't recall what it is but it's been there for quite some time.

    I only really pay attn to the Alto Line.
  7. Hey, have fun!!

    And let me know if there's any alto around!
  8. Ooooo have fun, and post pics when you get back.
  9. will do.. it doesnt sound like dooney is sounding to promising but i will keep you updated;) who knows she may see something a bit more eye catching!

    btw anything in particular your lookin for in the Alto line??
  10. ^^Something like a zip-zip satchel or any of their compartment bags....I found some on eBay for like $250+ a sure sign they are selling at outlets.
  11. Have fun!

    I'm so jealous...there are no outlets anywhere near where I live! That's probably a good thing.
  12. ugg we didn't end up going... freeport was pretty effing PACKED. we went to coach tho :sneaky:
  13. we totally missed out on D&B the sidewalks were people to people stuffed and Vicious and I felt it was better to just go to coach then head out of that little ocean side town! sorry ladies but ill let you know what goes on next time. we will definately be going sometime soon! if not with Vicious then solo!!!!
  14. Have fun! There's always tons of stuff at freaking amazing, low prices! Just make sure that there's nothing actually visibly wrong with your purchase, though. I was at one last week and A TON had noticeable defects (like the zipper not sewn on and things like that!)
  15. we didnt go.. i was feelin like poopoooboo... not the greatest. but i made due@ coach.. and smiled as best i could!