Hi, Help with deciding which small LV to get

  1. Hi, I haven't purchased an LV since high school when I could only afford a check book cover. Since I live in LA I have been reluctant to get any LV since there are so many fakes....I wouldn't want people to think mine was fake.
    What to do? Is there a particular style that hasn't been copied, so i can feel comfortable?
    I am a Chloe Paddington person now and was thinking of a small bag to fit in the paddington or Edith..
    Thanks so much:smile:
  2. How about a mini pochette...the gold chain is so classy!
    Or a Pochette Accessoires, though those have been faked. :s
    Or you can get a Mini Sac HL...or a mini papillion..there's so many cute mini bags that LV makes!
  3. I love the wapity case! You can put it in your Paddington or use it as small clutch.
  4. Something in damier would be nice. They're not so faked as compared to the mono. Pochette accesoires and ribera mini would be my choices.
  5. I love the mini pochette. It's so cute with the gold chain!!
  6. Azur mini pochette! They are so cute and I don't see as many fake Azur bags/accessories as mono.
  7. what about damier azur pochette? its tiny, and not faked as much as the monogram.
  8. anything that is not mono or MC is less suspect

    but i also like in LA and yes there are a lot of fakes but there are a lot of fakes everywhere and if you love a certain Louis you shouldn't let anybody and their fakes keep you from it!!!!

  9. Who cares what other people think of your bag.....as long as it's authentic??
    Let them think what they want......YOU are the one who should feel good about your bag!
  10. I think you should wait for the new T&B Damier mini pochette that's suppose to come out in Nov. I saw a photoshopped picture of it on tPF, and it's super cute.
  11. ITA!

    I have alotta small bags, and I like the Mini HL Sac and the Damier Pochette
  12. Trunks and Bags mini pochette!!! LVoe it!!! Also, try to get over this fake business. As long as you know, yours is the real thing! Goodluck and update us!!!!
  13. My sister purchase her first LV a few years ago and she was concerned at first about all of the fakes around town. But once she realized that it really didn't matter she took the leap. Don't let people carrying fake LV stop you from getting your purse!
  14. If I were to get a small LV item that I didn't want people to wonder if it were fake I would opt for a white or black multicolore wapity. They are on elux if you want to check them out, and I think they are a bit pricey for their size, but they are darn cute and I never see anyone carrying one. Where I live there are a lot of people wearing authentic LV more often than not, fortunately, although 99% of the chanels I see are nasty fake cambons, saw around 4 of those today and see them everyday. but back on topic, an mc wapity has so many colors it would be obvious yours is real, the fake mc bags and wallets are so obvious imo.
  15. i would either get an azur or MC wapity =P they are not as common as monogram