Hi Have you guys heard of Handbag Outpost Inc???

  1. They have great prices but I am not in the market for fake.... Thanks guys
  2. I would maybe post this in the Authenticate This! forum, and if it turns to be authentic than post it here?
    I have no clue, I haven't ever heard of it.
  3. I left something on Authenticate this... thanks for the suggestion and I will update you guys on this page as soon as I get their opinions.
  4. ^DUPLICATE posts all over the forum are NOT ALLOWED!
  5. Hmmm, seems suspicious.
  6. totally nothing suspect going on here. I was advised to post my questions at other location and so I did. It is not my intension to crowd the site with my question just seeking help, but thank for the FYI.
  7. I meant the site, not you!
  8. THANKS for the feedback guys!!