Hi Guys--Question About Marketplace Posts Not Showing Up

  1. Hi--I posted 3 Marketplace items today and never saw them show up and wondered if I did something wrong? What is the usual time lag between submitting posts for Marketplace and seeing them in the listings? Thanks!
  2. I believe (if Im wrong someone please let me know) when you place your ad, Vlad or Megs has to approve it first. And then a little while later it will show up. This has been my experience.
  3. Yes !!! we have to wait for Vlad and Meg to approve the ads first,yesterday i wrote a ad too at the Marketplace and now i just have to wait for Vlad and Meg to approve my post....:P
  4. I was wondering how long it usually takes......it's been 24 hours since i posted mine and it stll hasn't showed up.....is this normal? :sad2:
  5. I am sorry, I was away for my birthday and didn't get to approve them.
  6. Glad you went away Vlad! You need a break from us! haha!

    Hope your birthday was wonderful!!!
  7. you deserve the day off......was just wondering if i'd made a booboo and my post somehow disappeared

    hope you had a great birthday :nuts:
  8. Do you still have them Vlad?
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