Hi guys, I'm new :)

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  1. Hi I'm Ashley from Florida! I have two coach bags, a wallet and a keyfob. My questions are: how old do you think they are and what are their names? I'm kinda new to Coach :x. They've all been presents but I know for certain they are real. Please help me! :]


    i hope i did the pictures right, oh and i blocked out my fingernails because i just got my fake nails taken off and they didnt look too hot. :p

    Thanks again for the help!
  2. well the first one is a soho, and it isn't too old, it was just at the outlets this past spring! i think it's really cute, and then the bumble bee fob.. i cant help with the other one though...welcome!
  3. Welcome, ashleet!! I can't help with the ID'ing but just wanted to say hey and welcome and enjoy...you'll love it here!!
  4. welcome ashleet....you'll love it here!!!
  5. Welcome! Adorable collection!
  6. I'd kill for the bee duffle!
  7. WELCOME!!!
    I can't help either.. but just thought I would say hi!
    I love that you blacked out your fingernails.. that totally made me laugh!
  8. Welcome..sorry i cant help you with your bags...
  9. Welcome -

    I think the 05 in the serial number may mean it's from 2005. If you do a search on "serial number" you'll find some expert posts that will explain.
  10. Please post the pics in NAME THAT BAG thread at the top of the Coach forum...we will try to help u there!
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