Hi guys I'm new here :)

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  1. Hi guys i'm from venezuela and i adore louis vuitton!! I've been reading all ur posts and finally decided on writting something :biggrin: !! I wish I could be helpfull in anything if i can!! I currently own a mono speedy 25, a monty GM and a mono wallet (pochette wallet) annnd next week i'm getting my damier azur speedy 30! cant wait :biggrin:! well that was a quick introduction, have a nice day u all ;)!
  2. Welcome to tPF! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Welcome to the family.
  4. Welcome to tPF!!!
  5. Welcome and please post your azur speedy when you get it ;)
  6. welcome... enjoy your stay here !
  7. WElCOME! ^_^ it's always good to have another enabler on our side ;)
  8. Thank u everyone :smile:
  9. Welcome!
  10. Welcome! I am new here myself. :yes:
  11. Welcome to TPF!
  12. Welcome to the purse forum.
  13. hello!!!
  14. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Welcome!