Hi Guys, I need SOME MAJOR help, I need a BBAG for a man! HELP!!!!

  1. Hello Ladies, My name is rishi, my sister uses this account (I set it up for her though :p), but she is always in the LV section, anyways she lets me use her account occasionally, as the whole family (mom and dad included) are designer enthusiasts, when I need advice or something. Anyways, I LOVE messengers, and up until now only have amassed a collection of LV and gucci ones, and am now thinking about starting a Balenciaga collection. What colours and styles are currently available? Also how can I get one as we dont have a boutique here in Toronto. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Hello, welcome to the Balenciaga forum!! :smile:

    The messenger styles that Balenciaga makes are Besace and Men's day.
    The Men's Day is, well, the women's day/hobo bag with a messenger strap. Much easier to come by than the Besace, which is a flap messenger bag.

    There's actually a dark blue (blueberry?) besace on eBay now for 750, which a good price considering retail is $1055. The Men's Day you can probably still order from BalNY, though the colors are probably limited since they only came out with a few for fall 06, although if you watched eBay, an older one might show up. As far as i know, the men's day comes in all the colors from Spring 05 on (I've seen a Dolma Green, Taupe, and Chocolate messenger before, all of them being 05 colors :yahoo:)

    Hope I helped a little! Good luck on your hunt!

  3. THANKS SO MUCH! So will BalNY ship to canada? and where can I find pictures of the colours of these bags? are all these colors still made? and finally (haha I know I have alot of questions srry!) Are there any 07 bags or colors for men as well?
  4. I'm not sure about shipping, but i dont see why not :smile:

    You can find all the swatches for bbag colors at:
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season

    None of these colors are still made, but you can sometimes find them on ebay, and the 06 colos might still be around on sale somewhere. id check Barneys.

    Lastly, no 07 colors for the mens bags, which really makes me sad. According to BalNY they still have a bunch of fall 06 colors to sell before they start considering spring 07, if they ever do order those :crybaby:
  5. One thing I am confused about. Everyone keeps saying BalNY. Does that mean the balenciage boutique in New york? If so then why cant we just get the spring 07 stuff elsewhere?
  6. Isn't there another men's messenger without a flap? Or is it a lady's bag. I just saw it 2 days ago. Its just a sling bag, with a zip. Its 100-200 cheaper and looks better than the one with a flap.
  7. The courier? that isn't a bag made for men, though I guess its possible for ma to wear it. Maybe the larger size...
  8. from what I've seen in pics the becase looks really cool, I'd love to get it for my DB but I've never seen any, they must be kinda rare!
  9. The messenger without the flap is the Day messenger (looks like the women's Day but with a shoulderstrap.) It's about $60 cheaper than the messenger with the flap.

    I don't really like the courier - it looks like a high-quality leather trash bag.
  10. I just saw this bag in Aloha Rag's PDF of their current stock. I LOVE THIS!

    Gunmetal Hardware sounds like it might be the pewter color...so nice.
  11. Thanks so much for your help guys! I really appreciate the comments! :flowers:
  12. i love big bags...but i think the extra courrier is a little TOO big..... 17x26" is quite huge. i think the regular courrier is just fine for everyday!
  13. I would go for the Work or weekender too. Try Mona Moore in Montreal? or go their website monamoore.com or Holt Renfrew (spelling??).

    I saw a guy carrying the weekend in truffle and it was AWESOME!!!!
  14. There are lots of large Bbags at Holts on Bloor . In darker colours totally suitable for guys. Was there last week.