Hi guys i am in the Philippines!

  1. so i finally come here after 7 years. i think this place is pretty cool. lots of cheap stuff. but too bad this place is dirty... atleast i got to see my family after soo long. i went to this place called greenhills in manila and there are so many fake tokidoki bags there. some even look real! my dad got two fake tokidoki bags for me just cuz he thought they were cheap... less than $10. atleast they look cute?! u know whats sooo weird? i saw more people with authentic tokidoki bags than in japan. the only person i saw with a tokidoki bag in japan was in disneyland a foresta bv. over here i have seen more than like 10. i am liking it here in the philippines. mostly because of my family and shopping. :smile:
  2. awww glad ur having fun with ur family!!!
  3. It's cool that you got to see your family after such a long time. Oh gosh, one day I shall hope to travel there as well...but we'll see. My best friend is there right now as well..but she's coming home soon yayness.

    But wtf? more fakes in Japan than in Phils?
  4. nooooo i meant i saw more tokidoki in the phils than in japan. most people in japan were wearing just plain lesportsac... not tokidoki.
  5. That's what made me think you said it...but OK lolz.
  6. that is so true...well from what i see in hawaii. when i'm at Ala Moana LS or the LS outlet, the Japanese tourist don't even look at tokidoki, straight to the plain LS bags. Go figure:shrugs:.
  7. lol! I was noticing that to at the Beverly Center LeSportSac store. The Japanese tourists didn't care about the Tokidoki stuff, they wanted the regular LS stuff. Oh well, more tokis for me lol!
  8. Yeah, I have seen that too but at Nordstroms- when foresta came out--a lady only wanted the plain fumo and arancia...and she bought a ton of them, like 15..
  9. Lucky Mango - woah one lady bought 15 bags?? dang ..

    i :heart: tokidoki - have fun visiting your family and shopping!!!
  10. i :heart: tokidoki, that's great that you are visiting the Philippines and having a fun time with your family! I was born in Manila but moved to the US when I was 2, so I have always wanted to go back and see what it is like there! I'm going to China and Hong Kong in November, though, so I'm looking forward to seeing the fakes. :p
  11. Hey there! (newbie tokidoki lover here) if i'd known that tokidoki was catching on out there in the philippines i probably would've asked my step-mom to bring me a few! (originals of course)

    I actually just moved back to the states a year ago, after living there for 7 years. Make sure you go to Rustan's (either in Glorietta, Makati or ATC-Alabang Town Center). I used to go there to look for LeSportSac LAMB bags, so they might carry Tokidoki as well.
  12. Have fun, i :heart: tokidoki!!
  13. Greenhills? its kind of a flea market.
    try shopping at Shangrila they have
    some cool stuff but expensive stuff
    as well. look out for Topshop stores.