Hi guys.. check my birkin please.. you are going to be jealous ;p

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  1. hi there, i'm new in purse forum.. please see my hermes collections.. arent they beautiful..
  2. its birkin 32 red lipstick HAC and kelly vermillion hac.. they are gorgeous aren't they
  3. hmmmmm. Where did you buy these, Marhula?
  4. hi shopmom.. i'm sorry i dont understand wat you meant.. but im happy to know you here
  5. :whistle:
  6. I like the plastic wrap........
  7. Know, first, who you are;and then adorn yourself accordingly. - Epicetetus ?? what this means?

    i bought the kelly from reputable boutique in Jkt, and the birkin was bought from Hermes Store
  8. I am going to start doing that to my bags...........
  9. they look nice:yes: but why have they plastic on the handels? :confused1:
  10. ^^ :roflmfao:
  11. hi are you elizabeth i know?.. yea.. must cover it with plastic, to avoid stain..
  12. Yeah.... what's with the plastic wrap? :confused1: oh... nvm
  13. let your babies breathe she must fell constricted............
  14. :lol: I had never heard this before... :roflmfao:
  15. wats wrong covering my birkin handles with plastic?see my bags details.. so pretty
    IMG_2530.JPG IMG_2625.JPG
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