Hi Girls, your opinions need.....:)

  1. I bought this pair booties from NMs. The price is too good to pass up. But when it came, the color is quite different than the one shown on their site. it is more brown/goldish.

    Now do you think they are versatile? What colors of clothing or better yet the style of clothes to go with them?

    I love the fit of them, just not sure about the color, so please help.... give me your creative ideas!

  2. They are cute! Hey, my motto is when in doubt, wear black! lol They'd go fine with jeans too!
  3. Agreed!
  4. Thanks, you all are right. black is the key,lol....
  5. I have this shoe is black suede and I get soooo many compliments when I wear them. The 5 inch heel makes it! They are painful, but I put in a toe pad and that helps.

    I love the color of your Lapanos. Definitely black tights, jeans, and black pants.!!! See if you can find a handbag that is close in color to the shoes. That would be fab! Good luck.
  6. 4LV - I know what you mean about that color looking different IRL. I passed up a pair of Lady Gres in that same color when I saw them in person, but mainly because the style of the Lady Gres just didn't seem to fit with the color. I wound up getting them in pewter instead.

    I LOVE the Lopanos you pictured in that color!:love: The lines of the Lopano are a lot cleaner than the Lady Gres, which works better with that color. I think you could definitely wear those with wide legged pants, jeans, or a little shift dress and tights.:tup:

    I had been eyeing those on NM.com and had no idea they even went on sale. I thought they just sold out.:crybaby:
  7. Thank you for all of your help, what would I do without tPF?:love:
    Yes, Stinam, they were on sale. I was just waking up one morning and saw those, click...., now it is here. Hehe.
    I stalk those sites daily:shame:
  8. Black and jeans.

    Works every time! ;)
  9. I think the color sounds like it would be very versatile. I would think you could wear them with anything with brown tones in it or with jeans and probably other colors too. I wear my black patent ones and get compliments on them all the time.
  10. i love those!!

    can you post a pic of your to see how they look IRL
  11. I will, probably will be on Monday. Stay toned.....:yes:
  12. :tup: Love that motto!

    The shoes is adorable!
  13. You could definitely rock them with all of the looks suggested. Think outside the box and go for it!
  14. I love these!!! I definitely agree that the color would actually be very versatile!! You could wear these with a ton of different colors as well and black or white and, as Lynn12 suggested, you could even try to find a bag in a similar shade to pull it all together!!
  15. Here they are. What do you think of this color?
    lapono1.JPG lapono2.JPG lapono3.JPG