hi girls! reall important question...

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  1. help here please! i am very careful w/ my bags, cheap or not, and i was wondering how do i clean, maintain the pristine condition of my bag? she's my new fave and the fact that it's lightweight, i love it. please help! what should i do if it gets dirty or wet? it says inside, it's made of 100% polyester (outside of the bag)

    here it is:

  2. You can just wipe it clean with a clean damp cloth and let dry. Polyester is easy to maintain. Hope that helps you.
  3. I would put it in the machine with woolite on the gentle, cold water cycle. Unless the handles are leather.
  4. another vote for scotchguard before it gets used
  5. spray first... spot clean... since the handles are most likely PVC, it might be OK to put it in the washing machine.. in one of those bags you use for your delicates, and on the delicate cycle.. of course, do not dry...
  6. I'm worried that if you put it in the washing machine the fabric might not retain some of its original characteristics? I suggest spot cleaning it as necessary.
  7. i assume just wipe it clean as well.
  8. thank you so much ladies =) you're all a great help =)