HI girls! Please help!

  1. I'm looking to get a new hair color. I want the top layer of my hair blonde and the bottom layer dark brown or close to black. I saw It on a girl at the mall I really liked it, but I can't find any pics to take to my hair stylist. Any one know where I can find any?:smile:
  2. whats your natural colour? i had my hair done like that and after seeing it on other people it wasnt for me. becuase my hair is light blonde it completely ruined the bottom of it and its still darker now, but if you like it go for it... just my opinion but id go for a more chocolate brown than a harsh brown with blonde. oh and have layers of it and blend them in
  3. Hi
    my natural hair color is dark brown. I was also thinking about going Blonde and red, but I really like the blonde and chocolate!! do you have any pictures?
  4. Maybe you could find some pictures of Lisa Marie Presley on line- she sometimes has that kind of look.
  5. Don't do blonde and red.. you might not like that. A good combo is ash blonde/ butterscotch/ and your natural hair color... your stylist should probably just do more blonde highlights in the front part (around your face) and only highlight the top half of the hair on your head and leave the bottom natural. If i can find pics, i'll show them to you, but i think i left those pics in the west coast, but i'll check over the weekend.
  6. I have naturally dark brown hair and I highlight it in a light blonde - I get compliments on it all the time - It suits me - it's not striped, it's highlighted - I'm not sure if that's what you want.
  7. Thank you guys for your comments!!!
  8. I think that Christina Aguilera had that hairdo a while ago. :smile:
  9. Like this?