Hi girls, please help me decide~~~~~~~~~~~

  1. okay, this year is the year of rat (in lunar), and i was born in the year of rat as well. in chinese tradition, i'm suppose to wear/have/.... something red. it'll help me to avoid bad luck...

    anywayz, i decided to get a red LV purse. since i was a little crazy around the holiday season last year, i don't want to spend too much on this purse, to be exact, around 1000 before tax. so i narrowed it down to this two:
    a vernis rosewood avenue in pomme, or a epi red lockit.

    here's a little info about me: i will be 24, a full time student, but will graduate in June (which means start working), lives in So. Cal

    here are my thoughts on these two:
    for the lockit, will it look right on me? i mean, some of my friends think it's a mom bag....tho i kinda like it.
    for the rosewood, i think it's a bit too small, but the pomme patent just looks too good...

    if anyone has pix of the two being worn, please post....

    thank you~~~~~~~~~
  2. Epi red lockit. Just so stunning!!!
  3. Red Epi Lockit, doesn't look like a "mum bag" to me.
  4. Pre grats on your graduation! :flowers: If you don't mind use bag, there's always Roxbury on eBay for under 1k, but do post it for Auth before place any bid. Lockit is very classic and is good for any age, plus you don't have to worry about patent leather's color transfer, heat problems etc. Have you thought about Epi Madeleine PM? Montaigne will also be great, except it's only out in Noir & Blanc :sweatdrop:
  5. ooh! I'm 24 too. I would def. go for the rosewood over the lockit. To me, the lockit is a "mature person" bag...which i am not! haha. It does seem more fitted for someone older. I love the rosewood and wanted to get it myself, but then i realized that i was and still am broke. :p

    Other red bags you might want to consider: vernis reade pm, speedy epi, jasmin. If you didn't have a $ limit, i'd say the passy - i love that bag!
  6. I would go for a red epi speedy or passy!:heart:
  7. will u prefer shoulder or handheld bag? pomme is delicious but epi red lockit is more versatile to me -> great for work &/or with jeans. good luck deciding :smile:
  8. Rosewood definitely...
  9. i would choose the epi lockit, i don't think it looks too 'old'.
  10. I'm not a girl but I think you should def go for the lockit!!! It's pretty gorgeous and IMO more flexible to wear that the vernis...but that's just me!!!
    anyway good luck choosing!
  11. Of those two, I'd definitely go with the Lockit. I also like the suggestion of an Epi Speedy for you.
  12. epi RED lockit or alma or passy...:smile:))
  13. Of those 2 I would go with the Lockit....classic bag, however agree with posters take a look at the speedy in red
  14. I'd go for the Vernis Rosewood. Such a cute bag and age appropriate! Plus it's more unique than the Lockit.:smile:
  15. I'd choose the lockit over the rosewood, but definitely think about the epi speedy in RED!