hi girls, need your help here...

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  1. hi does anyone owes a positano 153033 bag?

    can you post pics of it so i can see how does it look like esp. its interior and gucci detachable handles?

    also, i would like to ask if the calf leather trim on top of the bag hard to fold (as in hard) or is it supple and soft and easily molded?

    also, does the gucci positano have any hard brown trimming in between the white leather trim...i dont know how to explain it, but hope those who owe the bag understand what i mean...

    anyway, can anyone help me with these questions, it is much appreciated..thanks!!:yes:
  2. Hello

    I own the Positano Scarf tote, I bought it from Gucci. The leather is very sturdy at the sides( to keep the shape of the canvas I suppose).

    Where is your picture of the bag?
  3. we need pictures ladies :biggrin:
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