Hi Girls Need Some Help And Opinions! :(

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  1. Ok I bought a Murakami Trouville on Feb 13th this year from the LV store in Perth. Now I'm thinking of selling it
    as I want make way for new bags on eBay.

    Now I've only used it 3 times and havent even paid attention to details to the date code etc. But when I had a look at the date code 2day I was shocked at the date it just doesnt make any sense or is it just me!

    It says MI0190 now this would mean Made in France on September on 2010 this doesnt make any sense! OR do they have a new date code system?

    I bought a Murakami Koala wallet at the same time and that makes sense. Now it TH0116 which would mean Made in France Novemeber 2006.

    I'm so worried girls am I missing a new date code system that LV has implemented this year???

    I'm going to take it to the store for girls to have a look cos I paid $2050 and this date code thing is driving me nuts! But how can u get a fake from an LV store!?

    Could it have been a mistake by the person who made the bag? I don't want to leave the store being accused of having a fake and they won't do anything about it! :'(
  2. I am not very knowledgable about the date code system either, but I do remember talk on this forum about a system being implemented in January 2007. I'm sure one of the veteran members will be able to help you.
    I just wanted to say that is the cutest puppy ever in your avatar. OT, I know, but it looks like my toy American Eskimo when she was little, what breed is in the picture?
  3. I think you're reading the code wrong. Or at least one of the numbers.
    The date code has changed for 07 and it will not be the first two numbers are the week and the last two are the yr.
  4. theres a special thread about date codes in the shopping or reference part, post it there and John will tell you what it means x