Hi girls need help! Is this Gucci auth or fake?

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  1. Ok I'm not v experienced with buying Gucci online but im pretty sure this is authentic. The seller confirmed that the bag shown in the pics are what you get exactly.

    eBay: Auth GUCCI $1570 Monogram Wave Boston Speedy Bag Purse (item 200054508037 end time Dec-12-06 18:00:00 PST)

    I don't believe it is new she may have used it one or 2 time and is in new condition. Howvere I dont mind as long as I get the real deal at a good price.

    Personally the monograms and hardware corresponds to Gucci.com website so I'm pretty sure it is authentic however i need to b very sure as some u guy are far more experienced. All monogram symmetry is perfect with every edge to the oterh side and even monograms match perfectly even where the hardwares are exactly to the website. Showing very excellent craftsmanship

    I ask her how did she obtain the bag so cheap. She explained that it was damaged stock at Saks fifth avenue where the pin came loose from handle. However after she bought it she took to the Gucci boutique for repair which was very easily fixed.

    I do know that damaged stock in th US especially at Saks gets discounted up 2 75% or more depending how bad it is.

    Do u know this edition has this lining with the bostons?

    Thank so much for your help!
  2. You should post authenticity questions under the Authenticate this Gucci thread near the top.
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Thread Status:
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