Hi girls in Perth, Australia, How hot is it???

  1. Now I know most of you girls in the Northern Hemisphere is shivering through winter, but I'm absolutely boiling here!!!

    Air con is working overtime and everything is going in slow-mo, LOL

    It's been the hottest Janurary in 16 years and it's just carrying on (just have to remind myself of how sluggish I felt in this heat when I'm cursing the freezing mornings in a few months..) I know, no way of pleasing some people, LOL

    Perth girls, how are you coping?:smile:
  2. I'm in Brisbane and I think you got our summer this year! :p It hasnt been hot out here at all this year!
  3. ^Yes please send it our way...I miss the hot, steamy weather
  4. that's it, i'm moving to australia....well, at least for half the year. :smile:
  5. Hey maggie, I remember you from the bal forum! I didn't know you were in Perth as well, that makes 2 of us :smile:
    Are you also from SG?
    It's been so frigging hot this January , almost every other day it's >35 degrees C, I have the a/c (evaporative) going most days and nights!! I really cannot wait for Autumn to come now.. but I know when it's Winter I'm going to be cursing the cold! Gah there is no pleasing women :p
  6. sssoooooo dddaammmmmnnnn hhhoootttttt !!!!!

    I have been whinging about it in the aussie aussie aussie thread for months!!
    This week is going to be a KILLER too - eeehhhhhhhhh....

    thank God for air con!!
  7. today was horrible, i hate the heat on the leather seat and it burns my ass! lol
  8. Lol, I burnt my ass on my carseats yesterday too!

    Thursday's going to be a stinker - great for my moving-in day.
  9. No, jo, I'm not from Singapore, although I love it and go every chance I get!:smile: (just booking a weekend up there today, actually)
  10. LOL, I moaned about the sheepskin covers my husband put on my leather seats when I got my car, thought they looked so daggy..but at least I don't fry my backside..and Cal, my car is on the driveway at the moment (garage repairs), nearly faint when I get in..:nuts:
  11. oh that's great, enjoy your hols there! I'll be heading back to SG for a short holiday next month :woohoo:

    Have you got your bbag yet??
  12. No, not yet...I'm waiting for an Electric Blue Day and they only got the Sky Blue in..hopefully it will be there soon:smile:
  13. hi gals,
    i'm from SG, but have been going to perth for hols every year since i left uni there in 1998. usually each time, i'll stay for about a week, but next month, i'll be there for 2 months, just to chill and hopefully, the weather's not so hot by then...
  14. Looks like we've got another week of it..:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  15. Just kill me now.. I can't wait for Autumn to come already, even though I know I'll be whinging about the cold in Winter :p

    Maggie, AR has EB in .. it's a lot less affordable than CS, or do you prefer meeting your bbags in the flesh?

    Hey, you girls interested in a Perth TPF meet? :woohoo: