Hi girls, I'm back... with new babies..

  1. Hola!

    How is everyone? It's been a while.. I have 2 new babies I wanna introduce to you all. Courtesy of my recent trip to France. No wait, no hussle, no nothing, just ask and you got it. So, any of you who remember my old thread about trying to get a birkin from our local Hermes here in Jakarta, I can finally tell you that I have forget that plan. Turns out the price in France is a lot cheaper, LOL!

    Here we go.. 30 cm Ebene (I think that's the name of the color) clemence birkin with pall hw and 35 cm Chartreuse (sp?) (I'm actually clueless about the name of the color, doh!) clemence birkin with pall hw.

    When I was there, they also have a cherry red 30 cm ostrich birkin, this was the main store in St. Honore. The other store in Lyon had an ebene ostrich one. Both are TDF!! But, you buy 1 ostrich or you can get 2 normal leather birkins. I chose the latter :flowers:

    The pics are taken in a hurry.. but.. enjoy!! And thanks for letting me share..
    CIMG0946.JPG CIMG0947.JPG CIMG0949.JPG
  2. OMG, these are just stunners!!!!! Congratulations, Sarah....wow! What a score! I LOVE that chocolate baby and that Chartreuse is amazing! These new babies round out your collection very nicely! Everything is Beautiful!!!!!
  3. YEAH!!! Welcome back! You were definitely missed around here!!!

    And Congratulations on both of your gorgeous new birkins! Wear them in the best of health!
  4. oh i :heart::heart::heart: the ebene birkin. sounds like a great trip. love the walk-in stories!
    welcome home
  5. jag, on my screen your font color looks like.... rouge h!!!
  6. Love it! (It was supposed to be chocolate, but I will take rouge h anyday!!! Delicious!) LOL!!!
  7. Sarah: I am glad you posted, I was starting to worry about you. Your new additions are really gorgeous, and they came from France which makes them even more special IMO. Glad you are back.
  8. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!What colors congrats!!:tender::yes::flowers:
  9. Congratulations!! Both bags are TDF. Can't wait for my next trip to Paris (next summer)!
  10. Loving them - they are divine!:flowers:
  11. Congratulations!!

    The bags are gorgeous. Glad you had a fruitful trip to France!
  12. Sarah, your new bags are just gorgeous. I am down for a vert anis birkin but have been eying the chocolate recently too. And you, lucky thing, have both!
  13. Congrats!!! So you just walked in and there they were!!!??? Whoa!!
    Are Vert Anis and Chartreuse the same? What are the greens that Hermes make?
  14. love it.. congratulations!! i'm planning a trip to paris for 2 weeks.. ONLY to camp in hermes boutique all day every day.. who knows i might get lucky!
  15. how lucky you were able to score 2 birkins!!! they're BEAUTIFUL!! i need to plan a trip to paris!