Hi Girls and Bolide obsession...

  1. Hey everyone - just thought I'd pop by a bit and say hi! I don't have time to catch up on everything but I'm going to look through a few threads and drool. :smile:

    Lately, I've been rethinking my wish list and have come to the conclusion that I *NEED* a Mou Bolide 31 in gold or some other similar brown Clemence.

    Still loving my :love: Birkin:love: so much but I need something with a shoulder strap for everyday...
  2. hi greentea - you were missed.
    i tried on a 31 bolide in toronto - gorgeous gorgeous bag.
  3. Sending my buddy a big hug! And I love when you are up to no good! Love the bolide and in chocolate,:heart::heart::heart:
  4. ^^in moderation, it's all good.
  5. GT--it's great to hear from you! I'm with you on the shoulder strap--my SA's trying to get me to go JPG, but I'm not sure if I could swing the weight so I'm thinking a Bolide would be perfect-I love the look and the shoulder strap. It's such a classic. A gold Mou in Clemence would be a lovely everyday bag when you're with the little ones.
  6. we miss you, GT!

    what about kellys? they have straps. bolides are gorgeous too!
  7. GT you were missed!!! but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bolide!
  8. :heart: :heart: *HUGZ* *HUGZ* WE MISSED YOU!!!!!! Glad you stopped by to say hello!!!
  9. Greetings to Greentea!:flowers: :cutesy:
  10. Missed everyone, too! I'll be around more but I'm just trying to limit my computer time. JAG is right about me being up to no good!! LOL

    Oh yes, the Kelly is awesome and I want at least 2. But I still have some concerns about the closure. I'm always in and out of my bags (this is why the Birkin is so great) but it can get a bit heavy and bulky when I'm with the kiddos. I really need a satchel that can convert to a shoulder bag - and I can carry the Bolide opened on my arm and just reach in. My kids are ALWAYS asking for water, or gum or the toy that's in my bag or wipes or kleenex - well - you see my problem!!
  11. A Bolide sounds fabulous! good to see you!

    You wouldn't believe how many new bags there have been here lately...lots of great ones!
  12. Oh GT great to "see" you! I love the bolide and think it would be a perfect fit...
  13. ^ Thanks, everyone!
  14. Greentea! I miss your enabling!

    And I think you need a Bolide. I've been wearing mine constantly for the last month and just love it! As for my Kelly, I've decided to save it for special occasions because of the reasons you cited: it's a complete pain to get in and out of, especially when rushing around with the kids.

    Might I suggest you consider a Trim too? I love the way it hugs my body and you can maneuver hands free which is great if you ever need to pick up an infant or toddler.

    Anyway, hope to see lots more of you!
  15. Greentea..

    Im not a bolide girl.. but just wanted to say that you're greatly missed :smile: