Hi gang....I changed my name...LVpug

  1. Just had to do it...I was formerly Guccci gal but, had to face the truth that LV has won me over. I still love my Gucci bags but, LV is the one for me. What the heck happened?????? There is something about LV that I simply cannot explain:yahoo: !
  2. I think even if you're addicted to another brand.. LV is an addiction to most women.. who doesn't like LV!! are you kidding me!! its easy to get addicted!

  3. Hi LV Pug! Sorry...I referred to you as Gucci Girl (forgot you were Gucci gal) in your other post!! I think it's great that you changed your name....it was unusual to see the name 'Gucci' in these LV posts anyway!!! :flowers:
  4. Congrats...you have made lifetime commitment with Louis..
  5. Ha Ha Cool, I like that name. Welcome to the dark side:devil:
  6. ok you are pug not gal and you carry LV and gucci.
    got it,
    your pic is sweet - - -> is that your pug, name?
  7. Yeah, we've all given in to the pull of LV.

    By the way, what's your pug's name? Mine's Lucy.
  8. Excellent! I love pugs and Lv´s too :biggrin:
  9. My pug is named biscuit ...my kids named her lol
    Is anyone else's a little hyper? lol
    I like the new name good choice, lvpug
  10. :yes: Glad you got addicted like the rest of us.
  11. This is why I just use my real name. I change my obsessions every couple of months....then go back to them....then change again.....
  12. Change noted! I don't blame you one bit!
  13. Who can resist LV?! :P :heart: Welcome to the darkside!
  14. Welcome! Glad you love LV like the rest of us.
  15. hehe, I didn't realize LVpug is you ! hehehe:yahoo: